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Piazza retires, Houston (kind of) fixes their outfield, and a visit to Cincy

May 21, 2008

Mike Piazza has retired after 16 seasons in the majors. Piazza was an elite player for a majority of his career, most notably with the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets. A lock for the Hall of Fame (definitely first ballot), Piazza batted .308 with 427 home runs over his career. He is definitely the best player ever picked in the 62nd round of the draft.

The Houston Astros fixed their outfield home run lines that tricked their outfield into thinking the Cubs’ Geovany Soto hit it out. Soto ended up with an inside-the-park homer instead of a real one. While they’re at it, maybe they can flatten that hill in center that is bound to end a career sooner or later. Stadium quirks are only cool when they aren’t intentional. Houston, you’re trying too hard.

I was in Ohio last weekend to visit Dayton and catch a Reds game (Brandon Phillips 30/30 Bobblehead Day) with Phil and some friends. I like Great American Ball Park. It was a good place to watch a game because though we were in the 500s and our noses were bleeding profusely, we were behind home plate where you get a visually pleasing view of the Ohio River and Kentucky. Enough talk of aesthetics though. The Reds beat the Indians in interleague play with a walkoff homer by Adam Dunn that almost left the park. Dunn is still striking out a lot, but he is keeping those homers (11) and BB totals high. He is combating a weak .231 BA with a productive .373 OBP.

And on an irrelevant note, I ate Skyline and Sonic for the first time and it was delicious.

Astros change yellow line in outfield (Yahoo!)

Piazza retires from baseball (Yahoo!)


“Guys Do It All The Time” (Remix) ft. Roger Clemens

April 28, 2008

Roger Clemens is not doing much to improve his Hall of Fame resume. It has been reported that Clemens had a “decade-long affair” with country singer and former hottie, Mindy McCready (my anti-drug; click the story and you’ll see an updated picture). Usually an athlete sleeping around is not a shocker, but this started when Clemens was married with two kids at 28, and McCready 15. Clemens denies the relationship was of a sexual nature, but what kind of affair would that be? Did you misremember getting it on?

Clemens’ Hall of Fame Resume

  • 354-184
  • 3.12 ERA
  • 4,672 Ks
  • 2 World Series Rings
  • 7 Cy Youngs
  • Cameo in Kingpin (classic movie)
  • PED allegations
  • Possible affair with girl aged 15 (employers hate this)

I still say that Clemens belongs in the Hall of Fame. I view him as the best pitcher in baseball history. But he is definitely not rallying many votes from the writers for his enshrinement with those last two bullet points. Gaylord Perry threw a spitter and he’s in. Technology has just replaced the saliva with a syringe. I haven’t seen Perry on To Catch a Predator though.

Report: Clemens had relationship with country star (Fox Sports)

Juan Gone (for now)

March 27, 2008

Juan Gonzalez gave up his comeback attempt this spring, but the Cardinals say that he has an open door to return. Gonzalez had an impressive spring, batting .308 with a homer off of Johan Santana, but an abdominal strain prematurely ended his spring training and made his making the team a long shot. This is unfortunate for both Juan and the Cardinals. The team’s trainer said Gonzalez was in excellent fitness and his stats show he was still has his swing. But injuries have long plagued the slugger, as he has not played in a Major League game since 2005. At age 38, it looks that he is running out of time to keep rehabbing injuries and making comebacks. (more…)