“Guys Do It All The Time” (Remix) ft. Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens is not doing much to improve his Hall of Fame resume. It has been reported that Clemens had a “decade-long affair” with country singer and former hottie, Mindy McCready (my anti-drug; click the story and you’ll see an updated picture). Usually an athlete sleeping around is not a shocker, but this started when Clemens was married with two kids at 28, and McCready 15. Clemens denies the relationship was of a sexual nature, but what kind of affair would that be? Did you misremember getting it on?

Clemens’ Monster.com Hall of Fame Resume

  • 354-184
  • 3.12 ERA
  • 4,672 Ks
  • 2 World Series Rings
  • 7 Cy Youngs
  • Cameo in Kingpin (classic movie)
  • PED allegations
  • Possible affair with girl aged 15 (employers hate this)

I still say that Clemens belongs in the Hall of Fame. I view him as the best pitcher in baseball history. But he is definitely not rallying many votes from the writers for his enshrinement with those last two bullet points. Gaylord Perry threw a spitter and he’s in. Technology has just replaced the saliva with a syringe. I haven’t seen Perry on To Catch a Predator though.

Report: Clemens had relationship with country star (Fox Sports)

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2 Comments on ““Guys Do It All The Time” (Remix) ft. Roger Clemens”

  1. Ben Keeler Says:

    Age hasnt been kind to her.

  2. Mike Says:

    I don’t think the drugs and Roger Clemens helped much either.

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