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2008 Opening Day Rosters, Who’s In and Who’s Out?

March 31, 2008

I love opening day rosters. I love the random ballplayers who get on, and the players who come back after missing a year. Here are some notes and players who made (and who didn’t make) their respective teams.

Jay Gibbons Released


So, what does a lot of money taste like, Baltimore? Hopefully it does not taste like Jay Gibbons. They pay 11.9 million dollars for the next two years. But he hit .186 in ST, had a 10-day suspension for steroids, and was going sour on Orioles management. How you do that on that bad of a team, I do not know, but Jay Gibbons did. He got beaten out by Scott Moore for god’s sake..

Other teams that have to pay lots of money: Cleveland with RP Aaron Fultz, Cincinnati with RP Mike Stanton, and Houston with SP Woody Williams. Also, benching high-priced players like Angels CF Gary Matthews Jr. and CF Juan Pierre gathers lots of notice as well.

Matt Murton odd man out of the Cubs


With as many decent players as the Cubs have, they suck at making rosters. What other team in the right mind would go with Mike Fontenot and Ronny “out-machine” Cedeno over Matt Murton? Kosuke Fukudome also projects to be another Matt Murton, so wouldn’t you rather have two Matt Murtons and Fontenot than a Matt Murton (Fuks-K), Fontenot, and a really shitty player in Ronny Cedeno for their Opening Day roster? Good god, no wonder why they haven’t had a World Series in 100 years, stuff like this always happens to them. When you have Major League talent in your system that is not garbage like Ronny Cedeno, maybe you should take advantage of it, Chicago. They have a lot of better players than Cedeno.

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