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NL West reverting to awfulness, like in 2005

June 28, 2008

Remember when all the experts and bloggers, including us, were predicting that the NL West was the best division in baseball? We also predicted the Cardinals to suck too, but we were also wrong. Well, everyone was wrong. To be fair, the Rockies have suffered due to injuries (although Matt Holliday and Troy Tulowitzki are back), the Padres can’t hit, and neither can the Giants, and the Dodgers have suffered by hiring Ned Coletti as their GM. Only the young and inconsistent Diamondbacks are at .500 right now, and Eric Byrnes being injured does not help at all.

Diamondbacks 40 40 .500 24-15 16-25 3-7 Lost 3
Dodgers 37 42 .468 2.5 21-19 16-23 6-4 Won 1
Giants 34 46 .425 6 14-24 20-22 4-6 Lost 2
Rockies 32 48 .400 8 20-19 12-29 4-6 Lost 5
Padres 32 49 .395 8.5 21-24 11-25 1-9 Lost 6

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Looks like they all have one thing in common: They are not good on the road, and in the Giants case, the Giants suck more at home and happen to have the best record of everyone in the NL West on the road. A lot of other factors too, but we can call the NL West the “NL Worst” again.

Also, who put money on the thought that Chan Ho Park would be around longer than players like Brad Fullmer and Richard Hidalgo?


Ron Wright plays for San Diego?

May 31, 2008

No, he’s actually on his way to becoming a pharmacist, but the Padres’ Kevin Kouzmanoff had a day that came close to being as notable as the only game Ron Wright played in. Ron Wright grounded into a triple play, a double, and struck out in his only three major league plate appearances. A stat worth noting, he grounded into this triple play three at-bats into his career, the lowest total in history. He was then sent down and never returned to the bigs. He is now pursuing a more academic future in pharmacy school. Kouzmanoff was close to matching this feat though, grounding into a 5-4-3 triple play (my goodness he is slow), a double play, and making four other outs, giving him an 0-6 performance. 9 outs came from Kouzmanoff’s bat. That’s one go around through Cleveland’s lineup (Tigers 4th place and climbing…).

San Diego did manage to win the game 7-3 in 13 innings. Kouzmanoff had a suck day, but he’s having a (slightly) above average season at a .268 BA with 8 home runs. Awful K/BB ratio (.15) though. San Diego still got the best of the deal with the Indians that sent 2B Josh Barfield (lost the job to Asdrubal Cabrera) and P Andrew Brown, who is putting up real solid numbers in a relief role in Oakland (2.45 ERA, 18.3 IP). Still, advantage goes to San Diego.

Jim Edmonds creates Sportscenter top 10 nominee right out of the Padres

May 13, 2008

Looks like Padres center fielder and web gem extraordinaire Jim Edmonds is out of the Padres and the Cubs are looking onto adding him (which would firmly plant Matt Murton out of a job by the way). That Cubs organization sure makes some weird moves, demoting Rich Hill, Matt Murton… although signing Edmonds would be justified because Felix Pie does look very overmatched against Major League pitching. It is an ongoing trend in baseball where old veterans like Frank Thomas who are slumping are getting cut, in favor of younger players. It seems there is a surplus of veterans who think they can still play baseball, and sure enough, their agents get some of these players jobs. Now most of these players cannot anymore due to the influx of young talent coming in. I am, of course, being very vague here, but it sure is a phenomenon to watch here. For example, Omar Vizquel better watch his ass if he ends up hitting .172 by the end of June.

Honestly, I am quite surprised that the San Francisco Giants didn’t sign every old player who is still a free agent.

Division Preview: NL West

March 11, 2008

What an awesome division, with three of the top four Cy Young finishers (Penny, Webb, and Peavy), and many other talented players, like the guy who should have won rookie of the year (Troy Tulowitzki, not 25 errors per year Ryan Braun). This division will be fun to watch. This is not the NL West of a few years ago where the Padres won with an 81-81 record.