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Rest in peace, Mr. 3000

August 9, 2008

Bernie Mac, too bad you never got 3000.

(Godspeed, Bernie Mac.)


Sabathia to the Brewers

July 7, 2008

The Indians traded CC Sabathia to the Brewers yesterday in a deal that effectively throws in the towel for Cleveland.

Indians get:

  • OF Matt LaPorta, 7th overall pick in 2007. .288 BA, .402 OBP, .978 OPS, 20 homers at AA Huntsville
  • P Zach Jackson, 32nd overall pick in 2004. Disappointing minor league numbers so we’ll see.
  • P Rob Bryson (intriguing potential closer)
  • Player to be named

Brewers get:

  • P CC Sabathia, 2008 stats: 6-8, 3.83 ERA, 123 SO, 1.23 WHIP

This trade is going to be beneficial for both sides. The Brewers get immediate help in their rotation which could put them over the top in the NL Central where they trail the Cubs by 3.5 games. The Brewers have a strong staff anyway headlined by Ben Sheets and Manny Parra. CC will be the new ace in Milwaukee if Sheets leaves at the end of the season. He could be the ace even if Sheets stays though. There is doubt to whether CC will stay in Milwaukee though as he may get an offer from a bigger market club following 2008. He had a terrible start to the 2008 season, but has since rebounded to bring his ERA below 4. Since May 14th, he has been arguably the best pitcher in the AL with an ERA of 2.22 and averaging a strikeout an inning. His W-L is low, but that was his team’s fault who rarely seemed to score for him.

All is not lost for Cleveland though. Their GM Mark Shapiro pulled off one of the greatest trades in front office history when he obtained Grady Sizemore, Cliff Lee, and Brandon Phillips among others, for Bartolo Colon who fizzled and Tim Drew. This trade has echoes of Shapiro’s defining work. They were going to lose CC anyway as he wanted Johan money so they picked up three legitimate prospects as they enter a brief setback in their playoff plans. LaPorta may be major league-ready today, Jackson is talented, and Bryson has been labeled as a potential closer in the coming years. Cleveland still has an excellent core of their pitching rotation with Cliff Lee, Fausto Carmona, and Jake Westbrook so they should not worry about the future.

This trade is going to work out for both sides, but Cleveland will still miss CC Sabathia. He pitched eight seasons in Cleveland and seemed to be a fan favorite. This trade definitely makes it the Brewers’ time.

Nate McLouth, Gabe Kapler, others grabbing all of the headlines

April 15, 2008

This always happens. Some very random players always have a hot streak in the beginning of the season, getting their hot streaks out of the way early. It happened with Chris Shelton in 2006. It happened with one of my simulated seasons of MVP Baseball 2005 with Estaban German once. Right now, Nate McLouth, a Pittsburgh Pirate, and Gabe Kapler, a player who has had a very interesting career going from a 57th round pick by the Tigers to a Minor League Player of the year, decent 15-20 home run guy to a career bench player with the Rockies, Rangers and Red Sox after his stats fell off his age 25 season, sucking in Japan, winning a WS ring in 2004, to a manager for a Red Sox to a comeback with the Brewers. I will also put Carlos Pena in here because although he is hitting under the Mendoza Line, he leads the league with 6 homers, and chicks dig the longball. I will also put in White Sox third baseman Joe Crede, who has basically told everyone to screw off with trade rumors.

Nate McLouth – Pirates

As McLouth is approaching his age-26 season, he has already hit safely in 13 games with a .383 average, continuing hot hitting from Spring Training. Players sometimes break out in their age-26 seasons, but anyone would be laughed out of Vegas if they were predicting McLouth to be one of those players before Spring Training. He was a decent hitter in the minors, hitting .292/.362/.427/.789 and probably projecting as a bench player in 2004, but, although an early prediction, McLouth could breakout for real for one or two years, like this one and his age-27 year and then fade out into .260s numbers. He will not keep up a .383 pace, but, unless he slumps or gets injured, I do expect him to be around .270s to the .280s and an OPS at where he usually is, about the .780s or so. I think that would be a reasonable prediction for him.

Gabe Kapler – Brewers

Gabe Kapler has four homers and is hitting .423 in 11 games, providing the offense for the Milwaukee Brewers, and although I do not think he will keep this up, he has definitely solidified himself in that Brewers bench, and unless he goes to the slump of life, he will stay around with the Brewers. Kapler, Jason Kendall, and Corey Hart are the only three starters hitting over .250 on that team. I have already mentioned his life story, but what he has done this year is nothing short of really, really cool, because Kapler has always been a fun player to watch, and all of us would love to see a guy like him play well. I wonder where he will be this year.

Joe Crede – White Sox

Crede has hit .313 with 4 homers and leading the majors with 16 RBI, and for now he looking like a good choice for trade bait in the midseason to a contender. It is also good to see Crede play well again, with him being a fan favorite for the White Sox. If he plays well and we see the White Sox up there by September (in which it can happen), he could be the AL Comeback Player of the year. A little lofty, but that is entire plausible.

Carlos Pena – Rays

I mean Pena is hitting an awful .191 right now, but those six home runs the lead the league cannot be ignored. Two-thirds of his 9 hits have been home runs, which is probably the craziest stat of the year by far. But he also has 18 strikeouts, which also leads the league. If you can hit them, hit them long I guess?

Brewers meet reserve price for Weaver

April 15, 2008

Jeff Weaver is back in the big leagues after signing an incentive-laced contract with the Milwaukee Brewers. He came into the season unsigned following a terrible 2008 where he posted a 6.20 ERA in Seattle. Weaver has been surpassed by his younger brother, Jered Weaver of the Angels, but he is still remembered for pitching a gem in the final game of the 2006 World Series with the Cardinals. Weaver has had a rather inconsistent career so it will be interesting to see if he can return to his 2006 postseason form, or at least better than his stint in Seattle last season. The Brewers got Weaver for a relative bargain compared to the $99,999,999 he was going for on eBay back in 2003… (throwback)

Also, Yovani Gallardo is ready to make his 2008 debut. Gallardo started the year injured with torn knee cartilage. He posted a 9-5 record with a 3.67 ERA in his rookie season. His 101 strikeouts in 110.1 innings should make him a valuable boost to the Brewers pitching staff. This is probably a more important story than Weaver being signed so just read this out of order.

Brewers set to add Gallardo, agree with free agent Weaver ( forums

Cubs, Brewers both blow first game of the season

April 1, 2008

Eric Gagne and Kerry Wood were productive as usual in their first game of the season.


The Chicago Cubs-Milwaukee Brewers game yesterday was a thing of beauty, as Kerry Wood and Eric Gagne were their usual selves, shades of their former selves, by both blowing the game. After a 0-0 tie through the whole game in a heated Carlos Zambrano-Ben Sheets matchup, Kerry Wood got things started in the 9th by hitting Rickie Weeks, walked Prince Fielder, gave up an RBI single to Ryan Braun and gave up a two-run double to Corey Hart, giving the Brewers a 3-0 lead.

Eric Gagne imploded in similar fashion for the Brewers, giving up a single to Derrek Lee, walking Aramis Ramirez, and then getting Fukudowned by giving up a Fuks-K bomb to deep right center for the tie.

The Brewers won in the 10th with a Tony Gwynn Jr. sac fly, but the damage was done. The Cubs kicked off their 100th season of futility with this and the new and improved Milwaukee bullpen, the one that did not pay a little more money for Francisco Cordero, also blew a save.

Have fun this year guys!

NL Pennant Race: Five Players Who Will Make a Difference

March 21, 2008

The 2008 season looks to be quite exciting with what appear to be three competitive races for the division crowns. These close races will come down to the performance of a few players who need to perform to get their teams to the postseason.

Mike and Phil compiled this list. (more…)

5 Non-Roster Invitees That You’ve Never Heard of Who Might Make An Impact in 2008

March 14, 2008

In Spring Training every year, players that never got an opportunity from the minors to the majors and are hitting or pitching very well. Guys like Matt Diaz have exelled like this. Of course, we all know the high-profile stories about how Juan Gone hit a homer off of Johan Santana, as well as him doing very decent in Spring Training. Of course we know about how Bret Boone might catch on in the Nationals after a battle with alcoholism. These are not big-time prospects like Jay Bruce or Evan Longoria or Indians 2007 draft pick Beau Mills on a minor league contract. If any of these guys do not play this year, then don’t sue me. These are players that you might not have heard of, but they can make an impact, or had success last year but not many are talking about. In no particular order.


Micah Hoffpauir – 1B – Chicago Cubs


Ok, the Cubs are stacked at first base with Derrek Lee and Daryle Ward, and it would be stupid for the Cubs to carry three first basemen, but the 28-year old Hoffpauir has been hitting .455 during spring training and also has played in every game. He should have been the Pacific Coast League MVP rather than Geovany Soto, if Hoffpauir did not go down with a knee injury mid season.

“A large part of the RBIs that Soto (the eventual Pacific Coast League MVP) was getting in the second half of the season were ones that Hoffpauir was getting earlier in the year, Bailey noted.”

If Ward or Lee get injured, then count on Hoffpauir to deliver in the Majors. He’s a great hitter that never got a chance, and my favorite player out of this bunch.

Check this out for more players you’ve never heard of.