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Stars and Stripes caps

June 24, 2008

The Welcome Back Veterans fund is trying to raise $100 million for returning soldiers with the Stars & Stripes Performance 59FIFTY On-Field Cap. Teams will wear them for the 4th of July weekend and September 11th. The hats as you can see incorporate the flag’s stars and stripes onto the logo. I am never a big fan of altering the uniform, but it is for an excellent cause, the design isn’t too over the top like this hat, and New Era hats are always quality. Like any New Era 59FIFTY hat, look for it to be uncurved, half-on and crooked or backwards, kind of just resting on the heads of suburban whiteboys everywhere.


Grilli’s Gone Wild; lame factor through the roof

April 29, 2008

Detroit Tigers reliever Jason Grilli has a tee-shirt, and it is pretty lame, but a definite collectors’ item (if you’re a big Detroit middle relief fan). Being a Tiger fan, I am shocked that I had not stumbled upon this fashion gem until just now. I don’t know when this came about or why it was even developed to begin with, but he can’t be serious. Just a terrible play on words replacing the ‘Girls’ in ‘Girls Gone Wild’ with ‘Grilli’s.’ Also, his pitching arm is blurred out. So weak. But at least the Olde English D isn’t being disgraced as it was airbrushed from the design. Also available for purchase are the sunglasses with windshield wipers he wore during the 2006 ALCS celebration.

Pitifully cheesy merchandise aside, Jason Grilli has been rather good lately, following a terrible start to the 2008 season where he was booed every time he did something. His lowest point was giving up 3 ER on 3 pitches against the White Sox earlier on. However, he has gotten his ERA down to 3.29 and is working on a scoreless streak of 11.1 IP. The Tigers need him to continue pitching well because their starters have been one of the greatest disappointments in baseball this year. Tiger fans give him a lot of grief for some occasional catastrophic outings, but he’s still one of my favorites. I am a homer sometimes (but not as much as Phil) and I apologize.

UPDATE: Grilli has been traded to the Colorado Rockies. Just when he started pitching well.