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Julio Frano passes aw- err – retires at the age of 49

May 7, 2008

Finally. Julio Franco retired from baseball on Saturday at the age of 49. Franco spent parts of 23 years in the major leagues, and last appeared in MLB with the New York Mets in 2007. Franco also played for the Philadelphia Phillies, Cleveland Indians, Texas Rangers, Chicago White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and Atlanta Braves. Franco had long said he wanted to play until 50, but realized that being a 49 year old playing baseball in Mexico wasn’t what he wanted to be doing. Can you blame him? Franco offered the following in an interview by Mexican sports daily Record:

“I understand that my time has passed and the great men and athletes know when to say enough.”

That’s classy, Julio. Franco had a nice career, and will mainly be known for his longevity. It’s pretty incredible for a guy to maintain the physical condition, let alone the skills the way Franco did for so long. Sure, he was never a perennial all-star player or team MVP. But Franco embodied what every ballplayer had as a little kid: he loved the game. I mean, the guy was playing in Mexico at the age of 49. He also spent time playing ball in Japan and South Korea. It’s quite admirable of Franco to step aside and let the Hiram Bocachica’s of the world take his place on the Angelopolis Tigers in the Mexican leagues.

Ok, to be fair to Hiram Bocachica and Hiram Bocachica fans everywhere, I haven’t the slightest clue where he’s playing now. Probably the minor leagues somewhere. Sorry, Hiram. Franco has yet to announce his plans to start up a nursing home league after his retirement. Stay tuned for details to come in the future.


“Guys Do It All The Time” (Remix) ft. Roger Clemens

April 28, 2008

Roger Clemens is not doing much to improve his Hall of Fame resume. It has been reported that Clemens had a “decade-long affair” with country singer and former hottie, Mindy McCready (my anti-drug; click the story and you’ll see an updated picture). Usually an athlete sleeping around is not a shocker, but this started when Clemens was married with two kids at 28, and McCready 15. Clemens denies the relationship was of a sexual nature, but what kind of affair would that be? Did you misremember getting it on?

Clemens’ Hall of Fame Resume

  • 354-184
  • 3.12 ERA
  • 4,672 Ks
  • 2 World Series Rings
  • 7 Cy Youngs
  • Cameo in Kingpin (classic movie)
  • PED allegations
  • Possible affair with girl aged 15 (employers hate this)

I still say that Clemens belongs in the Hall of Fame. I view him as the best pitcher in baseball history. But he is definitely not rallying many votes from the writers for his enshrinement with those last two bullet points. Gaylord Perry threw a spitter and he’s in. Technology has just replaced the saliva with a syringe. I haven’t seen Perry on To Catch a Predator though.

Report: Clemens had relationship with country star (Fox Sports)

Hugs are ok again and it is not football season

April 16, 2008

ESPN and former Baseball Tonight analyst Harold Reynolds have settled the wrongful termination suit brought on by Reynolds. Baseball fans were shocked when Harold was canned following a “brief and innocuous hug” with a female intern. The intern cried sexual harassment and Harold was terminated. But Harold got his money and more importantly, Harold got his moral victory for not backing down from his pro-hug stance.

“”This is a matter of principal. And I stood on principle and never wavered. “All of my goals were met, and now I look forward to concentrating on the game I love.” -Harold Reynolds on his victory.

Harold made it acceptable for grown men to watch the Little League World Series without having to tell their neighbors that they are prohibited by law from going near kids and schools. He also provided some great coverage during the College World Series. He was an above average second baseman throughout his career, named an All-Star twice and winning three Gold Gloves at second base, playing most of his career in Seattle. A great baseball mind, he now contributes to

Now, a semi-related ESPN note. I would love to see this settlement force minor cutbacks at ESPN, canceling NFL Live in the months of March through July. It is not football season, mini-camp holdouts don’t matter, and I would rather hear “Back back back!” than a repetitive series of “WOOOOOP!” out of Berman. I need a deux-deux-deux after highlights of huge runs by Detroit Lions tailback Aveion Cason…? OK fine, Devin Hester punt returns.

Reynolds, ESPN settle wrongful termination lawsuit (

Chris Berman Videos (

Julio Franco alive and well in Mexico

March 29, 2008


In today’s New York Times, there is an article that talks about Julio Franco’s new job in Mexico. He’s a first baseman in a Mexican team. When players like Woody Williams, Jeff Conine, Shawn Green, and Javy Lopez are retiring, Julio Franco has the balls to play in the Mexican Leagues. Those other guys are just pussies.

“He doesn’t have one, but he does expect to play professional baseball on his 50th birthday. In a Mexican League season that has begun, Franco is playing first base in Cancún for Tigres de Quintana Roo.”

“Franco has another reason for continuing to play. He is serving as the team’s hitting coach as well as a player, and it’s a start to the next phase of his career. “

Julio Franco was good for a long time, hitting .270s-.300s for 20 years straight, with OPS hanging around in the .750s to the .800s in his best seasons. But the best part is that he kept these numbers for a long, long time, and he could compete with other Major Leaguers even at age 47, while guys half his age are retiring. Shows how good his batting eye really was. Maybe not a Hall of Famer at all, but thou he shall be remembered. Maybe he will be a good manager one day.

Carl Everett should have asked Julio Franco if dinosaurs existed. Julio would know.

Nearing 50, Julio Still Going Strong in Mexican League (NY Times)