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On the rise

May 28, 2008

Looking at Baseball America’s list of top 100 prospects they compiled in February. They are still pretty right on, but they definitely threw us no-brainers.

1. OF Jay Bruce-Cincinnati Reds

Jay Bruce made his big league debut on May 27 and he looked great. The 21 year old outfielder went 3-3 with a double, 2 RBI, 2 runs, 2 BB, and a stolen base. He absolutely smoked a double inches from the right field fence and also showed he can go to opposite field. Overall, an excellent debut for Jay Bruce. 1B Joey Votto is ranked at 44th and is having a good season with .273 with 10 home runs. Still waiting on RHP Homer Bailey who is ranked 9th. His ERA at AAA Louisville is over 4.00, but he was the top prospect listed by BBA for three years before he was surpassed by jay Bruce. (I listed a few Reds in here because there are too many promising young Reds.)