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Richie Sexson in a thong (to the Yankees)

July 17, 2008

We didn’t post anything for the All-Star Game on Thursday. Too tired. Damn, Dan Uggla had a bad night.

Anyways, looks like Richie Sexson is signing with the Yankees, as they were looking for a power right handed bat in their bench. Since Sexson will be in the eternal slump he’s been in for all of 2008, he will definitely give Jason Giambi’s gold thong a lot of mileage, and hell, he might end up owning it by the end of the season.

By the way, this new Giambi picture with fellow Yankee player Jack Daniels from Deadspin is awesome.


Switch Hitter vs. Switch Pitcher (second clip on this video)

June 20, 2008

The ultimate showdown, featuring the ambidexterous Creighton alum and Yankee farmhand Pat Venditte. Or as Randy Newman would say, “left hand, right hand, left hand, right hand, left hand, right hand”

(I’ll find a better video if it shows up on youtube or something)

Start Joba?

April 24, 2008

Hank Steinbrenner has pulled a George Steinbrenner and complained that New York Yankees relief phenomenon Joba Chamberlain is being improperly used. According to Hank, Chamberlain belongs in the starting rotation. Hank’s opinion should be taken seriously because he knows more about baseball than manager Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman…

Steinbrenner is not a baseball mind, but he may have accidentally made a decent point. The Yankees starting rotation has Chien-Ming Wang (4-0, 3.94 ERA) and Andy Pettitte (3-1, 2.45 ERA) pitching great so far, but the remainder of the rotation leaves a lot to be desired. Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy have been simply terrible, and Mike Mussina is obviously on the decline.

  • Phil Hughes (0-3, 8.82 ERA, 16.1 IP)
  • Ian Kennedy (0-2, 9.64 ERA, 14.0 IP)
  • Mike Mussina (2-3, 4.94 ERA, 27.1 IP)

You can win a division with two pitchers having exceptional seasons, but to have three pitchers playing at this poor level, and two of them with ERAs over 8.50, a change must be made. Enter Joba Chamberlain. Joba was a starter at Nebraska, but the most he ever pitched in a season is 118.2 innings. There are obviously some concerns about arm durability and losing one of the best talents in a long time to injury. Joba has a blazing fastball with some tail, a slider that batters struggle to touch, along with a curve and a change. He has excelled in the setup role, with a 0.38 ERA with 34 strikeouts over 24.0 IP in 2007. This year, he is at a 1.18 ERA in limited innings pitched (8.0 IP) with 9 strikeouts.

The Yankees poor pitching rotation definitely needs help, but can they allow Joba to vacate the setup role? The answer is unclear. Brian Bruney is a big guy who throws smoke and reminds me of a baseball John Daly (grip it and rip it), though he has lost some weight. If Joba moves to the starting rotation, I would predict Bruney to be the setup man for Mariano Rivera. He has a 1.59 ERA so far and averages just over a strikeout per inning. Bruney has struggled with control at points in his career, but he appears to be putting those issues behind him. He is definitely a better option than Kyle Farnsworth and a struggling LaTroy Hawkins.

Manager Joe Girardi needs to decide what is more important: a sure stopgap to preserve save opportunities for Rivera, or to fix a struggling starting rotation whose 3-5 pitchers are simply not getting it done. Joba appears destined to become a starter within the next year, especially with Hank Steinbrenner pushing for the change. The key for the Yankees is slowly increasing his innings pitched to avoid burning out the most potent young arm in baseball. Look for the Yankees to make a move, either putting Joba in the rotation, or, in Yankee fashion, bringing in a high-priced veteran to bolster the staff.

After Steinbrenner lashes out about Joba’s future, Cashman fires back (

Outbreak of Paul O’Neill support causes Latroy Hawkins to switch from 21 to 22

April 16, 2008

Today, Yankee relief pitcher that kills radar guns for a living, Latroy Hawkins, gave up number 21 for number 22 because of Paul O’Neill, and third baseman Morgan Ensberg did the same in Spring Training. Ok, so I will defend Paul O’Neill, he helped the Yankees do a 180 degree turn after a bad streak of reduced contention in the 1980s and early 1990s, and personality aside, he was pretty decent when he was with the Yankees, always having decent .300-like seasons after fixing his stance in New York. He was the first good player that they acquired after years of post-prime Barfields and Kevin Maas. But is O’Neill number retired good? Not at all. He was a fan favorite, but does that mean all fan favorites that were not groundbreaking players should have their numbers retired? Does that mean someone like Kevin Youkilis or Brady Anderson should have their numbers retired? If Youk has hall-of-fame numbers, which is not that likely, yeah, but I do not think Paul O’Neill is worthy of a number retirement.

Those Yankees fans love him though.

“Hawkins wore No. 22 with the Yankees during Spring Training, but switched to No. 21 when infielder Morgan Ensberg decided he no longer wanted to wear it. Ensberg was randomly assigned the number upon reporting to camp as a non-roster invitee and later revealed that he received numerous vulgar comments from Yankees fans during the Grapefruit League campaign.”

Vulgar comments because O’Neill was that important to them.. although he did turn around that Yankees franchise, had overhyped grit (he was actually a very good athlete), complained at every called 3rd strike (fans love that) and was always a very good player.. well at least in New York. His number should not be retired. Not using 21 is asinine, and they have enough retired numbers already. I hope they will go temporary, not use the number for five years, those Yankee fans will think of him less and that seems to make the most sense. I respect O’Neill though, and I do not have as much of a problem with this as others might have.

Of course if they retire 21 for Roberto Clemente…

Hawkins gives up No. 21 for No. 22 (

Everyone is mad that NASCAR preempts Yankees-Red Sox game

April 14, 2008

Since I used to do an auto racing blog, I can attest to how much I hate NASCAR, they are greedy douchebags that are actively killing auto racing while they turn all of it into entertainment and lifestyle broadcasting and repeated shots of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kasey Kahne and Jeff Gordon, all with the ugliest fucking cars possible, with the Car of Tomorrow. Because I want to know what Denny Hamlin wants to eat for breakfast.

My eyes! (Don’t give me the “but it’s safer” argument, they could have accomplished the same safety standards with a better design similar to the old race car, it is obvious NASCAR wanted more sponsor space)

Oh, this is a baseball blog, never mind. But this is kind of relevant.

On Saturday’s Red Sox-Yankees game FOX cut it 2 pitches short and everyone is mad now because their baseball got interrupted for a sport that most people love to hate. The game had also been rain-delayed several time throughout, causing the game to go on for very very long.

Should we really blame NASCAR though? They did comply to FOX. And two pitches to the rest of the country, other than Red Sox and Yankees fans, is really nothing. Plus, if the Yankees and Red Sox finish, all the NASCAR fans get pissed for missing the start. But NASCAR races take forever and 500 miles is way too long for those races and you can delay the start, especially in a sub-par, excruciatingly boring race track like Phoenix International Raceway. This debate is actually interesting. Do we blame FOX, NASCAR, the weather? In this case, everyone in the New York and Boston East Coast media is overreacting. I think that is the real point here. NASCAR already delayed the start once. And while the East Coast hates NASCAR, baseball people and racing people actually respect each other pretty well it seems, with people from the Red Sox, the Diamondbacks, among other teams helping out in NASCAR ownership.

All I know is that I know way too much about both sports, both with extremely different reactions.

Jeter can’t pimp himself out to the ladies due to the injured thigh

April 9, 2008

Not a big Jeter fan, but he is one of the few baseball players that has screwed every chick in the nation. I mean if you are a girl and you have not had sex with Derek Jeter, you are in that 1% minority. I mean Derek Jeter is a pimp, and he also is a role model to the children, with his fade cut and all-American style. No other person can be like that.

Who else has dated Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Adrianna Lima, Jessica Biel, Mariah Carey, AND the random hot chick down the street, as well as being a media darling and going to strip clubs with Jorge Posada and A-Rod? Coddamn, 90% of the Valtrex in the world is made for Derek Jeter (and Pat Burrell). Well-known fact right there.

Now he’s out with a groin upper left thigh injury. Now he cannot pimp. Do you know how much it hurts when you are trying to have sex and your upper thigh gives way?

Jeter Will Sit Out Series to Rest Injured Thigh (Ny Times)

Hideki Matsui gets married

March 27, 2008

As much as I don’t like the Yankees, I love Hideki Matsui. For example, according to this article on TIME, he was well known in Japan for his porn collection.

“Indeed, his only eccentricity, if it can be called that, is his extensive private library of adult videos. His refreshing ability to laugh self-deprecatingly about his porno collection, reporters say, is one reason why fans and even nonfans have taken to him so much. Says former reporter Isao Hirooka: “Hideki just wants to be like ordinary people.”

Anyways, he just got married. And the clandestine way that Godzilla presented is was really, really funny.


Quotes from the article on Newsday:

A statement Matsui released through the Yankees, said: “The bride is a 25-year-old civilian and had been formerly working in a reputable position at a highly respected company.”

and he and manslut Derek Jeter have a bet going:

“We’ve got a bet going,” Matsui said. “If he doesn’t get married within a year, I win the bet. Basically the bet was, whoever gets married first wins. Jeter said he himself doesn’t have a girlfriend, so he’s getting a one-year handicap.”

Yankees’ Hideki Matsui gets married (Newsday)