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Fantasy frustration

June 8, 2008

Stumbled upon a good article chronicling the pain of a fantasy baseball owner wronged by Ervin Santana. Basically, Matthew Lutovsky tells fantasy players to shorten their memories of players because guys like Santana can have fluke terrible years and rebound back to prominence. I just got back into fantasy baseball and I, along with many players, can feel his pain. For example, spending an early round pick on Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander (2007: 18-6, 3.66 ERA; 2008: 2-9, 5.05 ERA)…or anybody who drafted Mark Prior after 2005.

Also adding to the coolness of the article are his references to Michael’s hatred for Toby in The Office. Do yourself a favor by clicking the link to the video of Michael’s most hateful interaction with Toby. Here are a few fantasy Toby’s so far:

Curtis Granderson, Detroit Tigers: He’s batting .238 and still strikes out too much for a leadoff man. Bats .200 off of lefties for his career which holds him back from becoming one of the greats.

Robinson Cano, New York Yankees: .250 BA, recently broke up a 4-30 slump.

Eric Byrnes, Arizona Diamondbacks: Great 2007 season batting .286, 21 homers, and 50 steals, but he was playing on two torn hamstrings this year. At 32, his hamstring issues might scare off potential buyers next season.

On the bright side, take a look at Jerry Hairston Jr. making the case to be a major league starter in Cincinnati. Through 37 games, he is batting .325 with a .370 OBP. Very little in the power department, but he is 10 for 12 in stolen bases. He has a hit in 13 of his last 15 games played. Quite consistent.


Harold back in TV, Big Hurt back in baseball

April 24, 2008

Everyone knows our undying love for two of our favorite black guys in baseball, Harold Reynolds, and Frank Thomas. Well, they both have jobs again.. and not illegitimate jobs like that stinkhole at Just kidding, is not bad at all. Our boy Harold though, he da man at SNY now and although he ain’t givin’ no free hugs at Boston Market no more, we still respectin’ dat. Offensive imitation aside, you can hug your television monitor next time he appears on SNY. The ESPN firing against him was bad press, as he was never told why he was fired, which sucks, because Reynolds was one of the more watchable personalities in ESPN (as well as Scott Van Pelt and.. uhh… help me here).

The Big Hurt got a job with the A’s today, where he played for in 2006 and promptly, he is now the full time DH, which means the A’s have two other DHs in their bench now in Mike Sweeney and Jack Cust, although the rest of that bench is very weak. Which is cool again, because we liked Frank Thomas in the 1990s and he still hasn’t been proven for steroid use. It hasn’t been a good year for DHs, with guys like Jose Vidro, Jim Thome, Gary Sheffield, among others slumping badly to start the season. Fair to say, we were hurtin for a squrtin of more Big Hurt here.

Cool to see him back.

Hugs are ok again and it is not football season

April 16, 2008

ESPN and former Baseball Tonight analyst Harold Reynolds have settled the wrongful termination suit brought on by Reynolds. Baseball fans were shocked when Harold was canned following a “brief and innocuous hug” with a female intern. The intern cried sexual harassment and Harold was terminated. But Harold got his money and more importantly, Harold got his moral victory for not backing down from his pro-hug stance.

“”This is a matter of principal. And I stood on principle and never wavered. “All of my goals were met, and now I look forward to concentrating on the game I love.” -Harold Reynolds on his victory.

Harold made it acceptable for grown men to watch the Little League World Series without having to tell their neighbors that they are prohibited by law from going near kids and schools. He also provided some great coverage during the College World Series. He was an above average second baseman throughout his career, named an All-Star twice and winning three Gold Gloves at second base, playing most of his career in Seattle. A great baseball mind, he now contributes to

Now, a semi-related ESPN note. I would love to see this settlement force minor cutbacks at ESPN, canceling NFL Live in the months of March through July. It is not football season, mini-camp holdouts don’t matter, and I would rather hear “Back back back!” than a repetitive series of “WOOOOOP!” out of Berman. I need a deux-deux-deux after highlights of huge runs by Detroit Lions tailback Aveion Cason…? OK fine, Devin Hester punt returns.

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