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No mo’ Nomo (and Thomas)

April 22, 2008

Yeah, we have not been posting for a few days. While that happened, an earthquake in the midwest happened, John Marzano died, Justin Huber is finally getting his break with the Padres, Danica Patrick getting a win, and Hideo Nomo and Frank Thomas getting sacked. It makes me feel older to see some of the stars of the past get released. Yes, Hideo Nomo sucked and there was no reason at all to even keep him in the roster with that 18.69 ERA, and technically, after his Cy Young 1996 season, he wasn’t really a star, but it still makes me feel older.

I will miss Frank Thomas though, as his career is definitely waning, understatement, etc etc. If I was J.P. Riccardi, I would have definitely given him a few more weeks with the Jays to see if he can get out of it. Matt Stairs is somehow on a late-career hot streak though, even at the age of 40 (wtf). He’s getting courted by the Mariners and GM Bill Bavasi so, he might play there. That would be nice. But I think Frank Thomas is the single most underrated hitter in the 1990s, bar none.


Beer+Cheap seats=Hockey Fight

April 10, 2008

The Toronto Blue Jays have banned alcohol sales in the upper deck for the three remaining $2 games. 100 fans were ejected from the opener at the Rogers Centre and Tuesday, April 9th’s game for drunken brawls. Team president Paul Godfrey has threatened to permanently scrap $2 ticket night forever if the fans don’t get their act together. $2 cheap seats are a great way to get fans to come out to a game, so let’s think of some ways to quell the upper deck riffraff…

  1. $20 beers
  2. Clarify that the Maple Leafs play at the Air Canada Centre and the Blue Jays are a baseball team
  3. Do not seat this man…

Legendary brawler Tie Domi

Jays may scrap cheap seat promotion (Sports Illustrated)

Another Mugshot (and Cubs news)

March 25, 2008

A while back, we did a story on our favorite mugshots. We must not have scanned hard enough because we made a glaring omission…

Is it a large soul patch, a goatee, or an awe inspiring combination of both? Anyways, OF Reed Johnson was cut by the Toronto Blue Jays after losing a position battle to OF Shannon Stewart. He rebounded fast though when he was signed by the Chicago Cubs on March 25th. Johnson is coming off a poor 2007 season in which a herniated disk limited him to 79 games. However, he has proven himself to be very capable at the top of the lineup. He led AL leadoff hitters in OBP in 2006 at .390. A career .281 hitter, he is also well known for his grit (check his chin) and strong defensive arm from all of the outfield positions. The Blue Jays simply had no plans for Johnson so cutting him seemed mutually beneficial. He should fit in well with the Cubs most likely as a fourth outfielder, or perhaps overtaking Felix “Balls” Pie.

Cubs sign OF Johnson (

Division Preview: AL East

March 13, 2008

The AL East has been dominated by the Red Sox and Yankees for these last few years. I am not expecting this to change, but I am expecting some challenges from Tampa Bay and Toronto for the second place spot, and possibly AL Wild Card this season. This division will be closer between the second and third place teams than it was last season. The AL East is a star-studded division thanks to the bottomless pockets of the Yankees and Red Sox. Games between these two teams will be entertaining as usual and will be the only Fox Saturday baseball pairing we will see all season. (more…)