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No Suspensions Go

April 12, 2008

The big news of the day is that the new MLB-Players Union agreement to more testing for drugs, etc. Of course that means the existing suspensions of Jose Guillen, Jay Gibbons, etc. are eliminated. Also, no more Mitchell Report stuff either. They may have made the drug testing tougher, but this is typical MLB Players Union hardball. Shouldn’t the guys who broke the rules be punished here? It might be a little tougher policy, with more testing over the course of the season and offseason, testing for draft picks, and more tested drugs, as well as word-of-mouth suspicion, as with the case of Atlanta Braves top prospect Jordan Schafer and HGH, but the stripping of suspensions and the privatization of of the just ruins it, and makes all of us sensationalists question the hardball tactics of the Players Union and Donald Fehr once again.

Plus, no more Mitchell Reports. All of us sensationalists love those..

MLB, players union agree to more frequent drug testing (ESPN)



March 18, 2008

Union head Donald Fehr has announced he will investigate why teams chose to pass on Barry Bonds this off season.

Let’s see…

  • An indictment including
    • Four counts of perjury
    • One count of obstruction of justice
  • His skills are dwindling at age 43
  • He is not likable
  • This picture…

All valid reasons to give another guy a chance.

Fehr says union will investigate why no Bonds offers as it examines free agent market (Yahoo! Sports)