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American League All-Bargain lineup

June 19, 2008

While guys like Richie Sexson are making $15.5 million for batting .219 and only having nine homers, there are a lot of guys earning their significantly lower salaries. They still make more than the president, doctors, and other professions that require an education but some are playing well beyond their current salary. Ballin’ on a budget if you will. Note the major league average is slightly over $3,000,000. And I did include guys who haven’t gotten to arbitration yet because I am talking pure bang for buck. These guys will be getting huge pay days soon.

AL All-Bargain Lineup

C Dioner Navarro-Tampa Bay Rays: $412,500

Navarro is 24 and making slightly more than the league minimum. He is batting .326 and has handled a Rays staff that is keeping the team in the AL East race. He may have gotten into a scuffle with Matt Garza but it Garza was at fault for that ugliness.

1B Kevin Youkilis-Boston Red Sox: $3,000,000

I was shocked to learn Youkilis was making this salary. Youkilis is batting .305/.376/.530 and has a great glove at first base. He is making a fifth of Richie Sexson’s salary and a quarter of Paul Konerko’s salary, two guys who are batting under .220 whose power numbers are declining. $3,000,000 is a lot for a ‘bargain’ player, but Youk’s combination of talent and likability should make him much more money. Fire your agent.

2B Ian Kinsler-Texas Rangers: $700,000

Kinsler has been around for three seasons and just signed a new back-loaded deal that will get him a more appropriate salary in 2009 ($3,000,000). Kinsler is leading AL second basemen with 10 home runs and is batting .305. He is a good base runner as well with 17 steals in 18 attempts. Kinsler has been instrumental in making Texas’ offense the most potent lineup in baseball (401 runs). Too bad they have given up the most runs though (419 runs).

3B Ramon Vazquez-Texas Rangers: $810,000

Vazquez is a veteran who has bounced around quite a bit but has finally settled down in Texas. He’s been playing third for Texas and been amongst the league’s best ninth hitters this year with a .336 average. All the other third basemen in the AL are making a lot of money. Third base is a pricey position that teams don’t like to skimp on. Hank Blalock moved to first base though so they replaced him from within and it has worked out so far.

SS Marco Scutaro-Toronto Blue Jays: $1,550,000

Scutaro is nothing special at the plate. What is good about Marco Scutaro is his versatility in the field. He has logged time at first, second, third, short, and outfield this year (only 2 errors so far) and would fill a utility role for our cheap team. I would like more offensive output from my shortstop in today’s game, but having a guy who can be swapped all over the field is very useful for a manager.

OF Josh Hamilton-Texas Rangers: $396,830

Hamilton is going to absolutely punish the bank when he gets to arbitration. He has only been around for two seasons so the Rangers should try to lock him up now before his value skyrockets even more. He is an MVP candidate right now with .315/.361/.595 and his comeback from drug addiction was inspiring. He was traded from the Reds for P Edinson Volquez who is also having a huge year.

OF Carlos Quentin-Chicago White Sox: $400,000

Quentin has cooled off a bit from his great start to the season, but is still fourth in the AL lead for home runs with 16. This is his first good season and Ozzie Guillen just gave him a “mental” day off to try to spark him again. An Ozzie Guillen mental day. I think that’s when you walk around Chicago and yell at people in Spanish. Another guy who will do well at arbitration.

OF Marcus Thames-Detroit Tigers: $1,275,000

I have liked Marcus Thames since he arrived in Detroit. He is finally getting more of a chance in Detroit and his last 8 hits have been homers. I have mentioned that a lot lately. Thames has a home run in every 9 at bats this year, and since 2006, a home run every 12.88 at bats. Also adding to his value is a little time spent at first base.

SP Ervin Santana-Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: $420,000

Santana has been around since 2005 and is capable of pitching a lot of innings. He has been inconsistent though as his 2007 was an absolute disaster which resulted in his being demoted to the minors (look at his 2007 game log). He looks to have solved his problems this season though because his numbers have vastly improved. He is 8-3 with a 3.40 ERA and a 1.08 WHIP. There was a lot of uncertainty with Santana for a few years which could possibly affect his arbitration salary and keep him a bargain.

RP George Sherrill-Baltimore Orioles: $980,000

Sherrill was dealt to Baltimore from Seattle along with Adam Jones for underachieving Erik Bedard and it has worked out nicely for the O’s. While Bedard is disappointing, Sherrill is second in the AL with 23 saves and making less than a million dollars. His transition to closer has been smooth as he makes a name for himself as a dependable closer.


2008 Payrolls and Jeffrey Loria

April 2, 2008

The Associated Press released the list of 2008 payrolls for the 30 major league teams yesterday.

The top 5

1. New York Yankees: $209,081,579
2. Detroit Tigers: $138,685,197
3. New York Mets: $138,293,378
4. Boston Red Sox: $133,440,037
5. Chicago White Sox: $121,152,667 (interesting)

    The bottom 3

    28. Oakland Athletics: $ 47,967,126
    29. Tampa Bay Rays: $43,820,598
    30. Florida Marlins: $ 21,836,500

    Jeffrey Loria. Why do you still own the Marlins? (more…)