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Go Dragons!

July 25, 2008

Nice that the town we live in gets some rep.. go Dragons! Their games are always fun. I’ve seen quite a few players come up through the Dragons, like Adam Dunn, Jay Bruce, Homer Bailey, William Bergolla, among others. I didn’t go last night, but apparently, during the brawl, there were fans trying to get onto the field, and the interim manager for Peoria was being a douche the whole time. Their normal manager, who was taking the night off? Ryne Sandberg. Julio Castillo, the pitcher who threw the pitch into the stands appeared to be jussssst a bit outside as he was aiming for the dugout. A dumb thing to do though.

Oh, and this. That sucks.


Another minor league meltdown

July 13, 2008

Kash Beauchamp goes off on the ump while the stadium PA bumps the greatest wrestling entrance music ever. If only they’d seen him coming earlier, they could have had the shattering glass before he stepped on the field. This whole argument looked like an homage to Stone Cold Steve Austin with the head bobbing, excessive profanity, and shaven head. All that was missing was the Zamboni and Vince McMahon.

Meltdown Timeline

:03-Glass shatters
:06-Obligatory dirt kick
:07-Seamless transition to the shoe removal and subsequent spike
:10-I smell
:16-One second, I can’t talk with this dip in
:32-For good measure
:35-A graceful departure

Though Beauchamp definitely made an idiot of himself in this clip, it is highly unlikley that anyone will ever top this man… Sorry for the youtube overload.

Minor League Promotion: “Dollar Whore Night”

March 13, 2008

In light of former governor of New York Eliot Spitzer’s recent resignation following the sex scandal that ruined his life, the Macon Music A-ball team will honor him at a June game.

The June 13th game will include:

  • A possible ceremonial first pitch from the disgraced Spitzer (who has not responded to the offer yet)
  • $1 discount for anyone named Eliot, Spitzer, or Kristen
  • Raffle for a night stay at the Washington D.C. Mayflower hotel (ask for the Spitzer Suite)
  • 9th fan gets a prize (Client Number 9)
  • 871st fan gets a prize too (Room number)

In addition to the June 13th gimmick, upcoming promotions include:

4/20: Grant Roberts Free Doritos Night

7/14: Sam Malone Appreciation Day

8/2-8/9: Felix Pie Athletic Supporter Awareness Week

Look closely. That was Wade Boggs’ jock.

Ga. baseball team plans “Eliot Spitzer” theme night (

Soriano suffers fractured finger (