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2008 NL All-Star Snubs

July 6, 2008

Of course, even with the All-Star rosters being expanded even more in 2008, there were quite a few players snubbed from the competition this year. Here is who I think should have made the team.

Ken Griffey Jr.

I know, he’s not been great this year, hitting only .242/.350/.406 but what happened? I think he should have been a pick out of respect for all of baseball, especially with him being “clean” (although we do not know for sure) and joining the 600 home run club. Cal Ripken was pretty bad in his last few seasons, and there is also the case of Barry Larkin in 2004, so why not put Griffey in there? Is this a making of Bud Selig and his minions helping the NL team, and his very good friends, the Milwaukee Brewers, as Griffey was leading by 200,000 votes over Ryan Braun last night? How would Braun get 200,000 votes in 24 hours? I know, Braun is having a great season, and he’s an exciting player to watch, but what the hell Selig? And also, Jason Varitek is on the AL team, and he’s hitting .219/.301/.360, and he was voted by the players. Yeah, starting and being on the bench are two different things, but putting Griffey in, or even in the bench would not be half retarded. UUIB demands an explanation, and Rory Fitzpatrick says hi.

Johan Santana

He’s had a good season, 2.96 ERA and a 7-7 record with the inconsistent Mets, but I still think he should have made it, rather than Brian Wilson, who leads the league in saves, but has not really been good, and the Giants already having a representitive in Lincecum. Cole Hamels would also be someone I would rather have, or Kyle freaking Lohse. Or Chad Billingsley. Or Adam Wainwright.

Pat Burrell

He gets all the opportunities in the world by batting behing Utley, Howard, and Rollins (who should also be on the team) and he’s having a great year with an OPS+ of 155 which is 5th in the NL, 21 homers, 4th in the NL in OPS, 5th in OBP, etc etc. It’s probably because Nate McLouth is a Pirate, and Matt Holliday and Ryan Ludwick were also very deserving. But Burrell’s never been to an All-Star Game, and that’s just ridiculous, especially with someone like Miguel Tejada going in, who has an OPS+ of 99 this year. Ridiculous, stupid selection with Miguel Tejada. Burrell would be the next guy I put in if one of the pitchers, or one of the other players gets injured. He also deserves to be voted last player in, since David Wright might get in anyways, because there is the possibility that Jones could opt out of the game due to injury, having been sidelined the past few days. I don’t think it’s Burrell’s fault (or for that matter Jason Bay’s fault, as he also got snubbed), that the “fad” Cubs fans voted in a weak player like Alfonso Soriano, who is having a good but not spectacular season. Vote Pat Burrell in, that’s a sack of crap that he isn’t in.

Those are my choices for All-Star snubs.

Oh, I forgot Xavier Nady. I rag on the guy a lot, especially when he kills the Reds, but he is deserving of a spot this year.


AL pitcher hits grand slam

June 24, 2008

In some rare good news for the Seattle Mariners, P Felix Hernandez became the first AL pitcher since 1971 to hit a grand slam. Not only did he hit an opposite field grand slam, but it was off of Johan Santana making it even more notable. Later in the game though, Hernandez sprained his ankle in a play at the plate and had to leave the game early. He was winning but only pitched 4.2 innings, so he didn’t get a decision which sucks for you fantasy players. Seattle won the game 5-2 though so everything is ok. The team says he’s fine though and will be ready for his next start.

Hernandez now has more homers than:

SS Jason Bartlett (244 AB)
C Victor Martinez (198 AB)
OF Joey Gathright (196 AB)
1B/OF Ross Gload (166 AB)
SS Omar Vizquel (105 AB)
1B Sean Casey (104 AB)

Division Preview: NL East

March 12, 2008

After the Johan Santana trade, the New York Mets became the top of the heap in the NL East, and possibly all of the National League. The NL East has some very good teams in the Mets and the Phillies, an average-to-good team in the Braves, then it drops off to some slightly mediocre teams in the Nationals and the Marlins. Other than Cameron Maybin and othters of the Marlins, Fernando Martinez of the Mets, and several Braves prospects, this division is not really loaded with as many prospects as the other divisions.

1. New York Mets (2007: 88-74, 2nd)

Johan Santana

The Mets are easy choice for the NL East as they got obviously the best pitcher in baseball in Santana, and they also traded for a few other cogs like C Brian Schneider and OF Ryan Church from the Nationals. Church is a player who has always deserved a chance in the Nationals organization but never really got one for whatever dumb reason. He really could be the Mets’ breakout player. Their pitching, other than Santana, also has El Duque, Pedro Martinez, the average John Maine, and Oliver Perez. The bullpen is decent has Billy Wagner as closer and Joe Smith, with Matt Wise added. The offense, other than Schneider and Church, does not have many notable additions, but they should be quite good, with 3B David Wright, SS Jose Reyes, OF Carlos Beltran, 2B Luis Castillo, etc. The Mets look great.

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