Pat Burrell gets snubbed twice

I know, I sound like a weird Pat Burrell fanboy, even though I’m really not. I’m not a Phillies fan, I swear. But the guy is having the best season of his career by far (he has a 155 OPS+ plus so far, only rivalling his 2002 season where he had a 146 OPS+), and much better than Corey Hart, and although I like Hart, although the fans were wrong. David Wright, a final vote guy, and replacing Alfonso Soriano, is having a down year by his standards, and also not as good as Burrell this year, and he gets put in by the clueless Clint Hurdle, who has been bad in making an All-Star roster (Aaron Cook? Brian Wilson? Cole Hamels should have gotten in)

One could argue that the roster could use a second defensive 3B, due to the roster only having 2 third basemen, including Aramis Ramirez, who can’t play defense at all, and I think that might be why Hurdle made the move. The players deserve some of that blame due to electing Miguel Tejada, who is nowhere near an all-star. Nevertheless, this year’s NL team is certainly a weak roster, due to Clint Hurdle, the fan vote, and the player vote and it makes me care for the All-Star Game a little bit less, like every year.

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