Ups and downs: July 8th


OF Brad Hawpe-Colorado Rockies

Hawpe just got out of a slump and homered in two straight games.  He’s the cleanup hitter in Colorado behind Matt Holliday. The Colorado 1-2-3 hitters are Willy Taveras, Clint Barmes, and Matt Holliday. Taveras doesn’t get on base enough but Barmes and Holliday so Hawpe will get RBI. The Rockies have won 6 of 8 by the way.

P CC Sabathia-Milwaukee Brewers

Sabathia’s value just increased a ton when he moved to the NL. He was pitching very well up until his departure from Cleveland and his numbers will only get better in Milwaukee. His W-L record will surely improve playing for a contender. Closer Salomon Torres will protect Sabathia’s efforts in the ninth a hell of a lot better than Cleveland’s sorry bullpen. See if you can piece together a deadline deal for Sabathia.

P Masa Kobayashi-Cleveland Indians

Now that Cleveland designated Joe Borowski for assignment, Manager Eric Wedge said Masa will get some save opportunites. He has decent numbers and the way some closers have been pitching lately (cough Todd Jones), maybe keeping an eye on Kobayashi would be wise.


SS Edgar Renteria-Detroit Tigers

Renteria looked to be on his way up in late June when he pieced a five-game hitting streak together, but he has fallen into one of the worst slumps I have ever seen. If you haven’t cut Renteria already, you probably should. Mariners backup catcher Jamie Burke managed to get an out against Renteria to cap off his 0-7 day on Sunday. A lot of people predicted a productive season for Renteria this year in that Tigers lineup but that obviously didn’t pan out.

P Vicente Padilla-Texas Rangers

Padilla has given up 7 and 8 earned runs in his last two starts, quite the departure from first half success. Not even Texas’ explosive offense can allow Padilla to keep pitching like this. The news on Padilla lately suggest that he’s been hampered by his neck and thumb these days and may miss his next scheduled start. That might not be a bad thing for this team though.

OF Elijah Dukes-Washington Nationals

The Nationals’ season just got even worse after Elijah Dukes trashed his knee in the outfield. He is out 4-6 weeks, effecitvely ending the fantasy craze that surrounded Dukes. From June 30 to his injury, he was batting .348 wih 3 home runs with an OBP of .400. Some possible replacements in your lineup are Andre Ethier or Brad Hawpe.

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