1989 Tracy Jones baseball card starting at $10,000 on eBay

The former 1st overall pick and current radio broadcaster Tracy Jones is now noteworthy because his 1989 Bowman card is being sold on eBay for $10,000, starting bid. He was pretty much a bench player in his day. This is probably the best joke ever. Look at the questions from other members, by the way.


Maybe if they had the 1989 Bowman Griffey.. oh wait, I can get that for $20 on MLB.com..

(Edit: Apparently, from an interview with the seller at Tracy Jones’ show, the card was picked at random, and it was an attempt to pay a $10,000 debt, a common problem in American households today. If we offended the seller, sorry, but man, that would be a great practical joke, to take something somewhat worthless and funny and sell it for a large sum of money on eBay. Oh, wait… watch that go to $10,000 in a few days)

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One Comment on “1989 Tracy Jones baseball card starting at $10,000 on eBay”

  1. JT Says:

    I heard them joking about the card on the show last week, but I never could find the auction so I just assumed it was a stunt by the radio station. Thanks for the link! This is hilarious!

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