My NL all-cheap team

In my expertise, the cheaper you are, the uglier you are and the worse it’s going to be. Of course, that’s in my second job, prostution (I am pretty high priced myself). In baseball however, there is not really a correlation. There are some great players making peanuts for cash, and these players are mostly pre-arbitration players.

Jorge Cantu

Jorge Cantu

C Russell Martin – LA Dodgers

This was a tossup between two very good catchers in Brian McCann of the Braves and Russell Martin, in everything. There’s also Geovany Soto, who is very good. But I would go with Martin just because he’s dating Alyssa Milano now, I think, in a trade with Brad Penny. Both are great catchers.

1B Conor Jackson – Arizona Diamondbacks

There are some great, cheap first basemen, like the unhappy Prince Fielder, Joey Votto and James Loney but I’m going with Conor Jackson, as he’s getting on base at a .401 clip, and has always provided consistent play, even though his fielding is somewhat suspect, but the other guys I considered, their fielding is suspect too, and in the case of Loney, his fielding has not developed yet, although I have to admit, I’m not good at analyzing defense. I think CoJack would be my choice though.

2B Dan Uggla – Florida Marlins – near minimum

There are not really many players in the running here, since a lot of 2B signed to contract extensions or got big money in the past two years, or, are experienced veterans, so it comes down to two players, Dan Uggla, who is having a great season with 23 home runs, going to the actual all-star team, and probably getting big money in the offseason like teammate Hanley Ramirez, and Kelly Johnson of the Braves, who has been pretty decent for the Braves so far. Uggla has an OPS+ of 162, among the league leaders as well, so an easy pick here.

SS Ryan Theriot – Chicago Cubs

Quite a few cheap, good SS like Yunel Escobar, Jeff Keppinger, but I’m going with Ryan Theriot, who has versatility in other positions, and is very good at stuff like hitting a single up the middle, or hitting into the line drives. He also is 2nd in the league in singles. I chose him over Keppinger due to Keppinger’s freak injury, and Keppinger is a hitting machine, but at this point, I would have Theriot. By the end of the year, it could be Keppinger though.

3B Jorge Cantu – Florida Marlins

So Ryan Zimmerman’s been hurt, Edwin Encarnacion is wildly inconsistent, Blake Dewitt is a stopgap, albeit playing okay, Mark Reynolds, etc etc. Jorge Cantu, a minor league sign by the Marlins, is making 800,000 this year after making the team though, so I think he would be my choice. His career bothered by injury, Cantu is on the rebound this year, hitting .282 and playing a lot like that 117-RBI guy we saw with the (Devil) Rays in 2005.

LF Fred Lewis – SF Giants

There are a lot of experienced left fielders in the National League this year, so it’s hard to find one that fits this category, unlike in infield, where there is an abundance of cheap players. It could have been Ryan Braun, who signed an 8-year contract extension… that jerkoff. Fred Lewis has done pretty good this year, and is one of the only ones who qualify, plus he brings in speed and good defense to his game, so Fred Lewis is my choice here.

CF Nate McLouth – Pittsburgh Pirates

There’s some other great Center Fielders that deserve recognition here, like Jay Bruce, Matt Kemp (the Dodgers have so many cheap, good players and really have not done much with it, a lot of injuries there), superhero Rick Ankiel, Chris Young and Ryan Spilbourghs, but Nate McLouth has had a sensational year as of far, and it feels like he did steroids got a new training regimen in the offseason. Probably not the case, but boy, has he been good. He’ll get a good bonus at the end of this year. On his baseball-reference page, he is compared to Ruben Mateo, but also to guys like Paul O’Neill. Hah. Paul O’Neill.

RF Ryan Ludwick – St. Louis Cardinals

Unlike Center Field, there are not as many right fielders that are cheap and awesome, but Ryan Ludwick fits the flatbill as he has been a great power hitter this year. Like McLouth, where the hell did Ryan Ludwick come from, hitting .292/.367/.596 with 16 homers and 56 RBI?

SP Edinson Volquez – Cincinnati Reds

An easy choice here, even if you live under a rock and do not watch baseball. There is no way not to choose Volquez, who leads in strikeouts, has tons of wins, and an ERA+ of 261, and one of the few bright spots for the Reds this year. Tim Lincecum is also a good choice, although he probably had some signing bonus money.

CL Brian Wilson – SF Giants

Although the Beach Boys guy has been fairly average, and with a lot of closers making big money, he leads the NL in saves, and that is probably enough for me. I would have promoted someone like Jared Burton of the Reds or his teammate Jack Taschner to be closer or something, but relievers are hard to predict in a closing role, and I’ll go with Wilson. With that criteria, I would never be a good baseball manager, in fact, I would probably be like Dusty Baker (zing!)

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