Tuffy Rhodes Watch: May/Part of June

Craig Brazell

Tuffy Rhodes, the son of multiple Gods, is hitting .274 right now but is now tied home runs at the Pacific Coast League to…

Craig Brazell! It’s the ex-Mets minor leaguer’s first year in the league. They both have 17 homers, along with GG Sato, and they are both behind Tyrone Woods, a bust in MLB with 18 homers, and Alex Ramirez with 19 homers.

Other players of American Importance, note that some players don’t have stats as they are hard to come by if you do not read fluent Japanese:

Former Minn. Twin Lew Ford: dropped for readjustment
2005 Triple-A batting champ Rick Short: hitting .326, leads Pacific League
Ex-Oriole Larry Bigbie: injured
Ex-Padre and Expo Terrmel Sledge: I have no clue, had a walk off passed ball recently, pretty sure he might be a backup
Benny Agbayni: Pretty much a bench player, he’s been around the Japan Leagues forever though
Yu Darvish: 1.79 ERA
Kaz Ishii: 2.41 ERA
Colby Lewis: 2.16 ERA
Ryan Vogelsong: dropped for readjustment, came back up, no clue on his ERA

Other guys that are hanging in the league: Chad Allen, Aaron Guiel (playing like Rob Deer, .210 with 10 HR), Adam Riggs, Alex Ochoa.

(all stats from http://www.japanesebaseball.com)

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