Mets try to secretly fire manager

Willie Randolph’s run in New York as the Mets manager is over after a 3:14 AM dismissal. That’s right, 3:14 AM on the road after a West Coast victory. GM Omar Minaya obviously didn’t want anyone to hear about this, so he did it when everyone was in bed or partying in honor of Robinson Cancel’s triumphant return to the bigs (first hit since 1999 was a game winner the other night). Minaya almost pulled a fast one, but the team’s press release regarding Randolph’s termination was leaked. It’s New York though so someone probably would have noticed a different guy running the club, who by the way is former AL Manager of the Year, Jerry Manuel.

This was pretty low of the Mets to do on a West Coast road trip when they could have ended things before Randolph flew out there and not wasted everyones’ time. All this time-zone changing is going to throw off his schedule. At least they waited until Father’s Day passed. Also, they could have gave him the Craig Jones treatment by saying they caught him stealing boxes on camera and fired him on his day off, which would have been Thursday.

In more positive news, my boy Marcus Thames’ last 7 hits have been home runs. Also, Orioles 2B Brian Roberts has brought his average up 23 points since June 1st up to .285.

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One Comment on “Mets try to secretly fire manager”

  1. That was low to try to fire him at that time. Jon Stewart said it best: “I have cheered for a crappy team for about 20 years now, but I will not cheer for a classless organization.”

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