Carl Everett isn’t extinct yet and Atlantic League standings

I was perusing through some independent league statistics and came across Carl Everett. The 36-year-old joined the Long Island Ducks last season on exile from the MLB following a 2006 where his numbers suggested he was washed up (.227/.297.360). His numbers at Long Island have suggested otherwise though. In 2007, he hit .312 along with 25 home runs, numbers reminiscent of Everett’s younger days. This year is looking even more promising. In 34 games, he has hit for a .350 BA with 7 homers. In addition, he is getting on base a lot (.473 OBP) and has a BB/K ratio over 2 (2.08 to be exact). Keep in mind he has been facing independent league pitching, but these numbers still look great. In his advanced age, DH would be his major league role, and a switch-hitting power hitter fits in well on any team.

Not only is Pete Rose Jr. out of prison, but he is still in baseball. He is Everett’s teammate with the Ducks and is batting .299. Junior won’t be getting a chance to expand on his major league statistics (.143 BA over 11 games) because outside of the independent leagues and work-release programs, who wants to associate with guys who distribute the date-rape drug GHB? Only given to teammates to help relax after games? That sounds worse than a midnight swim with Brian McNamee…maybe not.

Atlantic League Standings (from

Camden 19 15 .559 L 6 3- 7
Southern Maryland 18 16 .529 1.0 W 1 5- 5
Bridgeport 18 17 .514 1.5 W 3 6- 4
Long Island 17 18 .486 2.5 L 1 5- 5
Somerset 21 13 .618 W 5 8- 2
Newark 21 13 .618 W 1 6- 4
Lancaster 13 22 .371 8.5 L 1 5- 5
York 11 24 .314 10.5 L 2 3- 7
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