Ron Wright plays for San Diego?

No, he’s actually on his way to becoming a pharmacist, but the Padres’ Kevin Kouzmanoff had a day that came close to being as notable as the only game Ron Wright played in. Ron Wright grounded into a triple play, a double, and struck out in his only three major league plate appearances. A stat worth noting, he grounded into this triple play three at-bats into his career, the lowest total in history. He was then sent down and never returned to the bigs. He is now pursuing a more academic future in pharmacy school. Kouzmanoff was close to matching this feat though, grounding into a 5-4-3 triple play (my goodness he is slow), a double play, and making four other outs, giving him an 0-6 performance. 9 outs came from Kouzmanoff’s bat. That’s one go around through Cleveland’s lineup (Tigers 4th place and climbing…).

San Diego did manage to win the game 7-3 in 13 innings. Kouzmanoff had a suck day, but he’s having a (slightly) above average season at a .268 BA with 8 home runs. Awful K/BB ratio (.15) though. San Diego still got the best of the deal with the Indians that sent 2B Josh Barfield (lost the job to Asdrubal Cabrera) and P Andrew Brown, who is putting up real solid numbers in a relief role in Oakland (2.45 ERA, 18.3 IP). Still, advantage goes to San Diego.

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