On the rise

Looking at Baseball America’s list of top 100 prospects they compiled in February. They are still pretty right on, but they definitely threw us no-brainers.

1. OF Jay Bruce-Cincinnati Reds

Jay Bruce made his big league debut on May 27 and he looked great. The 21 year old outfielder went 3-3 with a double, 2 RBI, 2 runs, 2 BB, and a stolen base. He absolutely smoked a double inches from the right field fence and also showed he can go to opposite field. Overall, an excellent debut for Jay Bruce. 1B Joey Votto is ranked at 44th and is having a good season with .273 with 10 home runs. Still waiting on RHP Homer Bailey who is ranked 9th. His ERA at AAA Louisville is over 4.00, but he was the top prospect listed by BBA for three years before he was surpassed by jay Bruce. (I listed a few Reds in here because there are too many promising young Reds.)

2. 3B Evan Longoria-Tampa Bay Rays

Longoria played seven games in AAA before the Rays decided to bring him up. He is currently at .247/.321/.466. He has shown power with 7 homers but is striking out way too much (his BB/K is .42). Longoria has raised his average 37 points since May 10 so he is definitely improving and he is a starter on a team that is shocking everyone. The Rays are a 1/2 game up on the Boston Red Sox in the AL East. Maybe the exorcism of Devil from their moniker paid off…

3. P Joba Chamberlain-New York Yankees

Joba picked up from where he left off from last season, continuing to pitch well in the setup role. He has a 2.42 ERA which is a lot higher than his rookie season, but it is still excellent and one bad outing can inflate a reliever’s ERA. His role in the bullpen is coming to a close though, as the Yankees are gradually turning him back into a starting pitcher. This move will leave the Yankees without a dominant setup man, but their starting rotation is in dire need of a savior, which the Yankees think Joba can be.

4. P Clay Buchholz-Boston Red Sox

Buchholz is currently on the DL with a torn fingernail (ouch) and was not having that great of a season before the injury. I saw him in person this year against the Detroit Tigers and he did not look too good. It was weird seeing the Tigers of all teams give him a beating. But he’s still the guy who threw a no-hitter in his second big league start and is going to form a dominant 1-2 in Boston with fellow no-hitter Jon Lester.

7. P Clayton Kershaw-Los Angeles Dodgers

A lot of good players making their debuts lately. Kershaw made his first start the other day and looked pretty darn good. He allowed 2 earned over 6 innings along with 7 strikeouts. He got a no-decision in the Dodgers extra-inning win against the Cardinals. Have a look at some minor league action…

30. OF Kosuke Fukudome-Chicago Cubs

Fukudome is technically a rookie at age 31 and will garner some votes for NL Rookie of the Year. He is batting .302/.418/.474 for the first place Chicago Cubs. Now for the sake of offensiveness…

34. P Johnny Cueto-Cincinnati Reds

There are a lot of great Reds prospects who are destined for stardom. I am sure Phil has already let you know… Cueto has been giving up a lot of runs in his recent starts (5.56 ERA) which is not good, but he looked superb in his debut when he struck out 10 over 7 innings which leads most to believe that a rebound is imminent.

47. C Geovany Soto-Chicago Cubs

Soto has been in the bigs before but still qualifies as a rookie. Soto is a catcher who can hit. He is batting .304 with 9 home runs with a lofty .401 OBP that can be attributed to his good eye at the plate (29 BB). Strikes out a lot with 46 Ks. He also throws out 30% of runners trying to steal.

49. P Jair Jurrjens-Atlanta Braves

The Detroit Tigers traded this young pitching stud to the Atlanta Braves for a very good player, Edgar Renteria who will help them short term. This sounds eerily reminiscent of John Smoltz for Doyle Alexander. Alexander was real good for Detroit, but his career slowly declined as Smoltz’s star rose to where it stands today. Jurrjens is looking great in the NL with a 2.86 ERA and a 5-3 record. Jair is 22 years old and he even showed poise as a starting pitcher in 2007 when he was 21. Keep an eye on Jair because he has a great name and a better arm.

52. OF Carlos Gomez-Minnesota Twins

I used to not think that much of Carlos Gomez, but that is because I am stupid. Gomez is improving every day in Minnesota, raising his average to .279 (from a real low average), and for simply becoming a better baseball player. His OBP is finally over .300 and he showcases his blazing speed with regularity on the basesand the outfield. He has 17 steals right now and has only been caught three times. He may not be Torii Hunter, but he’s only 22 and has an infinite ceiling.

Baseball America assembled a pretty good list of what to expect in the next few years in terms of rising talents. There are still a lot of guys on that list refining their game waiting for their shot and I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot about them.

Baseball America Top 100 Prospects

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  1. big bera Says:

    “that is because I am stupid.”-truest words you wrote

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