The Nationals play softball and Fernando Tatis loves the 90s

(Former) Mets P Nelson Figueroa complained that the Nationals on the bench were acting like “softball girls” when they cheered for Austin Kearns to stop batting .201. The cheering worked because the Nationals won, and it also shook Figueroa enough to make him lose his job. He was designated for assignment after posting a 5.12 ERA over 38.2 innings. It sucks to see a guy pitching in the bigs for the first time since 2004. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to wait 4 more year to get another chance. Also let was Jorge Sosa who still can’t get back to his 2005 form where he looked promising.

There is a bright side to this move however. The Mets have brought 90s sensations Fernando Tatis and Mambo No. 5 back to relevance. I saw him on Sportscenter earlier and in his sole at-bat, he got his first hit since 2006. He sure fell off since that 1999 in St. Louis where he batted .298 with 34 homers. He became the only player to hit two grand slams in one inning. 8 RBI in an inning and it was all off of Chan Ho Park (in the stretch of his career when he was good starting pitcher).

On the Mets beat (Newsday)

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One Comment on “The Nationals play softball and Fernando Tatis loves the 90s”

  1. Ben K Says:

    There is no team that cheers and acts like “softball players” more than the Mets in the first place. Every time Jose Reyes gets a hit you would think it was hit #3000 of his career.

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