Joel Zumaya’s got competition

In an interview published in the Kansas City Star, Royals starter and former number one draft pick/Tennessee Vol Luke Hochevar is apparently the best Rock Band player in the league. Joel Zumaya better watch out.

I hear you’re the best Rock Band player in baseball.

(laughs) I wouldn’t argue with that. I’ll take it.

What’s the secret?

Lots of hours logged. Banny and Davies are pretty good, too. That’s our band, pretty much.

I see you as the drummer for some reason.

I can play them all. I’m not a very good singer though. Now Brian Bannister is the drummer. He’s taken over that role. And he’s really good.

Maybe Zumaya is all hype. I dare Zumaya to challenge Hochevar. It would be a battle of epic proportions. The best part is Hochevar mentioning that Brett Tomko is also pretty good at the game.. I thought his arms were broken and he was at a full body cast at one point in his career..?

Luke Hochevar: baseball’s best Rock Band player? (Sam Mellinger’s Royals blog)

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One Comment on “Joel Zumaya’s got competition”

  1. Ben K Says:

    Drums is the hardest to play in the game, IMO.

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