National League Review: April

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So, who has been good so far this year? We’ll see. Let us point out the MVP of the month, the Cy Young of the month, the most disappointing individual player, and the most disappointing team.

I like early 90s rap, so I will use old school rappers to demonstrate who has been awesome and who really, really sucks so far in the National League.

The Public Enemy award: MVP of April Chipper Jones

The Braves’ Chipper Jones in the month of April has been the “Public Enemy” for opposing teams so far this year. The switch-hitting old man of a third baseman still has a lot left in his tank. I will put Chipper on the top of my list, as he is batting a league-leading .417, while chewing many, many cans of Skoal and eating lots of Hooters wings. Chipper is simply. the. man. I also like Chase Utley, but Jones is the best player on an average team so far.

Honorable mentions: Chase Utley, Ryan Church, Hanley Ramirez, Edwin Encarnacion, Raffy Furcal, Derrek Lee, Lance Berkman

The Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby” Disappointing hitter of the month: Carlos Beltran

Yes, there are players like Andruw Jones, who has a lot of money to be paid for batting awfully for the Dodgers, as the worst hitting outfielder in the Majors, and there are also players like Ryan Howard, who looks like Ryan Howard on coke in The Office. There is also Troy Tulowitzski, who is in a sophomore slump, and out until midseason. Andruw Jones was predictable, Ryan Howard is hot and cold, and Tulo will get better. But I will put my vote for Carlos Beltran of the Mets, because so far, he is hitting .204 with 2 homers and 13 RBIs and has had an awful April. He is one of the reasons why the Mets are not better than they are right now, although the Mets are turning the corner.

(By the way, Beltran is doing better now, at .246)

Honorable mentions: Adam Dunn, Troy Tulowitzski, Andruw Jones, Ryan Howard, Hunter Pence

The MC Hammer “Can’t Touch This” Award: Best Pitcher

Cannot argue with Brandon Webb of the Diamondbacks here. He leads the NL in wins. The Reds’ Edinson Volquez of the Reds is making a good case for himself (he just got his first loss of the season tonight), and so is the Brewers’ Ben Sheets, like always, but they have not been as all-around good as Webb. Yes, it is the obvious choice here, but Webb has had an amazing April, and he just keeps getting wins.

Honorable mentions: Ben Sheets, Volquez, Matt Cain/Tim Lincecum

Most disappointing pitcher

Not Barry Zito. After it was reported he only had an 83 MPH fastball in training camp, everyone knew he was going to be awful. I’m putting Chad Billingsley in, but it is hard to predict a “worst pitcher” until later in the season because most of the time, they are usually sent down. Billingsley has a 5.32 ERA and is 1-4 so far for the Dodgers, after coming off a good season last year.

Honorable mention: Brett Myers, Roy Oswalt, Jeff Francis

Best looking posse(s)

Arizona and St. Louis. The two towns that have Cardinals and stuff have good squads this year. For Arizona, many good young players are providing that excitement. For St. Louis, you have Pujols looking good again, barring his elbow asplode, and also guys like Ankiel and Brian Barton contributing, as well as Kyle freakin’ Lohse looking great out there. Dave Duncan always makes these guys look good. The D-Backs, of course have Webb, among other players like Justin Upton and Stephen Drew.

Worst looking posse(s)

Colorado/San Diego. The two NL West battling teams of last year have not looked good so far. San Diego has no offense and can’t hit in that cavernous ballpark and there are Adam Dunn rumors to the team, while Colorado just looks lost right now. San Francisco has a better record than both teams.

Honorable Mentions: Houston, Cincinnati, Atlanta

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