Richie Sexson gets angry; helmet throw is a punk move

Mariners Richie Sexson charged the mound after Texas Rangers pitcher Kason Gabbard threw a pitch at his eye level. Sexson is 6’8, so if you put a pitch that high, it is obviously on purpose. Sexson charged the mound, chucked his helmet at Gabbard, and tackled him but didn’t land any good punches. And the benches cleared and MIlton Bradley actually played peacemaker, pulling C Gerald Laird from the action. Sexson was initially suspended for six games. However, he appealed and had the suspension reduced to five games.

Sexson said he would have been a lot less angry if Gabbard threw at his body, which is taller than most people. A baseball to the buns or back is a lot safer than one to the noggin. But Gabbard went up top and headhunters get what they deserve.

I do not mind watching athletes get angry and I do not believe in suspensions for anyone who leaves the bench (ie. NBA David Stern crackdown on fun). Checks and balances apply to baseball as well as government, so batters must keep the opposing pitcher in check if he is throwing at guys. I do believe however, that people fighting need to observe proper etiquette, if you will, when it comes to baseball violence.

  1. No kicking or other martial arts moves.
  2. Don’t throw the helmet. Or for that matter, no weapons (we’re looking at you Juan Marichal).
  3. Pitchers: don’t headhunt unless you’re Kyle Farnsworth and can defend yourself.
  4. No spitting.
  5. Leave Zimmer alone!

Sexson suspension to 5 games (Sports Illustrated)

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