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Here’s a little gem that Baseball Think Factory brought to the forefront. (*cough* boycott) featured a piece in their “Men’s” Lifestyle section that tried to knock baseball in eight different aspects. As baseball fans and as people nerdy enough to have a baseball blog…this article was lame.

1. J-Mo says the schedule is too long. 162 games is a ton of games, but the season takes about as long as any other sport. It beats the NFL playing 16 games in 16 weeks. More games=good.

2. J-Mo tells us that he is less than impressed with the physical fitness of baseball players. Ok, John Kruk may have told us he was a ballplayer, not an athlete, but these guys are still in shape. Also, J-Mo says that these guys do not have to work out, they just have to juice. The two biggest names in the PED scandal are well known for their grueling workouts (Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds). Maybe if J-Mo would put a syringe in his head, he would have better opinions. And speaking of physical fitness, how about these 300+ pound lineman who cannot touch their toes?

3. Why don’t baseball games happen in the rain? The game would not be as entertaining, that’s why. It is fun watching football players adapt to the surroundings the weather causes. NBA and NHL are played indoors, so we don’t have to worry about the ice melting or the court getting slippery unless Kevin Garnett hits the floor and floods the arena (he works and sweats hard).

4. Statistics bother J-Mo. Yes, there are some ridiculous statistics, such as Pedro Feliz’s OBP in day games against a righty in 70 degree weather with runners in scoring position (maybe not real, but there are some ridiculous ones), but no one is forcing you to memorize these. At the bare minimum, a baseball fan should recognize W-L, ERA, BA, HR, RBI, OBP, and SLUG as good statistics.

5. J-Mo pitches complete games at will. At least, that is what he suggests when he asks why pitchers making millions cannot go the distance every game. The act of throwing a baseball is extremely unnatural and highly stressful on the arm. So pulling a pitcher early is protecting your investment. This is just an ignorant statement.

6. Superstitions. I will give this one to J-Mo. I used to go out of my way to make people stop with their superstitions on the field. My favorite was the players who stepped over the foul line so it wouldn’t get scratched up. Looking them in the eye and scuffing it made my day. The game does not change if the line is smeared or if you walked under a ladder to the mound.

7. I enjoy baseball offseasons when they don’t include the Mitchell Report or Congressional hearings.

8. Fantasy teams get old but whatever. I do not play fantasy baseball because I do not like rooting for players on other teams. I feel bad wanting C.C. Sabathia to get a lot of points when he is facing Detroit. Fantasy presents too many conflicts of interest.

All in all, J-Mo is definitely mislead about the sport. Though he had a couple points, he missed big on the things that make baseball what it is. I think any fan will concede that baseball can be boring at times, but it is still America’s pastime, no matter what football or auto racing has to say about it.

8 Reasons Baseball is Lame and Boring (

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