Still in awe of Rick Ankiel’s arm

The other night, St. Louis Cardinals OF Rick Ankiel put his incredible arm on display, recording two outfield assists. Ignore the really fruity statement by Stat Boy if outfielders who “put out” don’t interest you… Seriously, bring back Max Kellerman. I don’t care if he devoted his life to a sport more rigged than the WWE.

I do not like hearing sportscasters, or anyone for that matter, knocking Ankiel for hosing base runners from the warning track but not throwing strikes from 60 feet 6 inches. Anyone who has ever pitched knows that this is a dumb statement because the two are way different. Pitching is mental while airing it out from center field is something you do not even think about. Anyone with a strong arm can throw a ball really far, but it takes a pitcher with the right mindset to put a ball in a small, invisible box. There is also way less pressure in the outfield because honestly, who is expecting their outfielder to throw guys out from the warning track?

Ankiel is having a pretty good season out in center field and is contending for an all-star appearance. Center field in the NL is not as strong as usual with Andruw Jones and Jim Edmonds struggling, so this helps his chances. Ankiel is batting .279 with six homers. He gets on base a good amount with a .371 OBP. He has been a key part of this Cardinals team that is still atop the NL Central. If you accurately predicted this, you are lying.

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