Reds GM Wayne Krivsky fired already


It has only been two years into Cincinnati Reds GM Wayne Krivsky’s tenure, and now owner Bob Castellini is firing him and replacing him with former Cardinals GM Walt Jocketty. As a Reds follower, I definitely saw this coming. It appeared Castellini got impatient with not winning. I like Castellini, I really do. Although Krivsky kind of had an obsession with older, reliever veterans, he made some great trades, like Wily Mo Pena for Bronson Brandon Arroyo, Brandon Phillips for some A-ball player, the Josh Hamilton Rule 5 deal, the Jeff Keppinger trade, etc. Wayne Krivsky was not bad at all.

“Frankly, I blame it on my own impatience,” Castellini said. “I wouldn’t say that it was a particular thing. We’re not going to bat 1.000 [on acquisitions]. The results were not there.”

It is pretty fair to say that the Reds want to win now and not 2009, although I myself would have waited until 2009. It also seems like the Reds were going to turn the corner too. Does this mean we will see more General Manager firings in midseason? We usually see them in the offseason.

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3 Comments on “Reds GM Wayne Krivsky fired already”

  1. tommybloggingsports Says:


    I live in Saint Louis, and no one hear was surprised that much, if at all, that this happened. Once Walt Jocketty was let go as the GM for the Cardinals, we all knew that SOME kind of relationship was going to come to fruition with the Reds organization. I do not know the ins and outs of your past GM, but you are getting a darn good one in Jocketty.

  2. Phil (ugueth urbina is burning) Says:

    Owner Bob Castellini and Jocketty, if I recall were good friends in St. Louis before Castellini departed to become the Reds owner, and everyone here all saw it coming, too, and the writing was on the wall for Krivsky. The timing was pretty weird though, this early in the season. Jocketty is a primo GM and will be good for the Reds though.

  3. tommybloggingsports Says:

    I hope so. It would be great for the division for the Reds to come back to prominance, and they are well on their way.

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