No mo’ Nomo (and Thomas)

Yeah, we have not been posting for a few days. While that happened, an earthquake in the midwest happened, John Marzano died, Justin Huber is finally getting his break with the Padres, Danica Patrick getting a win, and Hideo Nomo and Frank Thomas getting sacked. It makes me feel older to see some of the stars of the past get released. Yes, Hideo Nomo sucked and there was no reason at all to even keep him in the roster with that 18.69 ERA, and technically, after his Cy Young 1996 season, he wasn’t really a star, but it still makes me feel older.

I will miss Frank Thomas though, as his career is definitely waning, understatement, etc etc. If I was J.P. Riccardi, I would have definitely given him a few more weeks with the Jays to see if he can get out of it. Matt Stairs is somehow on a late-career hot streak though, even at the age of 40 (wtf). He’s getting courted by the Mariners and GM Bill Bavasi so, he might play there. That would be nice. But I think Frank Thomas is the single most underrated hitter in the 1990s, bar none.

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2 Comments on “No mo’ Nomo (and Thomas)”

  1. tommybloggingsports Says:

    I agree with you on Frank being the most under rated hitter in the 90’s. I was never a Chisox fan (my dad is, grew up on the South Side), but Frank was one of those guys who would make you stop whatever you were doing, and watch him at the plate. Not many guys did that for me. Frank was one of those guys.

  2. […] knows our undying love for two of our favorite black guys in baseball, Harold Reynolds, and Frank Thomas. Well, they both have jobs again.. and not illegitimate jobs like that stinkhole at Just […]

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