Nick Swisher.. batting leadoff?

I am pretty sure we have not had a Chicago White Sox story yet this season, which is quite surprising because Ozzie Guillen is always an interesting character. I think we’ve had more Tampa Bay Rays and Kansas City Royals stories than the White Sox.

But.. Nick Swisher batting leadoff? Well, at least it gives me an excuse to post pictures of how fucking sweet his hair is. He has a .469 OBP so far in replacing typical leadoff man Jerry Owens, and that makes sense as a injury replacement, but if Owens is gone for a long time (GM Ken Williams is not giving him a timetable), they should never, ever put Swisher in there for the long haul. I would rather put someone like Orlando Cabrera, who has always had decent speed, even if he is hitting .194 right now, and would be a viable short-term option. I would never put Swisher’s power, decent on-base skills and run-producing in the leadoff role in the long term, and Swisher batting leadoff is a little bit awkward, even for him.

I just do not get Swisher batting leadoff. Maybe it is that I were manager I would put speed and decent onbase skills in leadoff rather than better onbase skills and walks well. Who knows.

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