Baltimore gets only victories of season

While my coauthor Mike is at the library getting it on doing work.. I’ll post.

The Orioles are 4-1 right now, possibly on the way to a fifth win leading the Mariners 5-4 in the 7th, and on the top of the AL East standings. Crazy, considering that other than Nick Markakis, Brian Roberts, and Luke Scott (who I’ve always thought deserved a fair chance in Houston), they have no offense. But lo and behold, Markakis is hitting .429 with an OBP of .500, and Luke Scott is hitting .538 with an OBP of .600. Also, Kevin Millar is hitting decent. Their starting rotation is awful, and it will probably remain that way, with Jeremy Guthrie, Matt Albers, Daniel Cabrera, Brian Burres, and the ageless Steve Traschel, who knows what it is like for cars to drive on steam. But the Orioles on top of the AL East because of their bullpen, with rookie Randor Bierd, ex-Mariner George Sherrill, fake MLB player Jamie Walker, Denny Sarfate, and sidearmer Chad Bradford all throwing scoreless innings. If the season were 5 games, that would be awesome. And everyone would be at Devil Rays games.

They were good the first few months of last season too until falling 20-30 games under .500 per usual. But it’s fun to see the Orioles on top of the standings..

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