Johnny Cuet-OWNED


Sorry for two Reds posts in a row, and for being such a Reds homer, but Johnny Cueto’s first start has historical signifigance, as today, he blanked out the Reds and was perfect through five, until giving up a 6th inning homerun to another good prospect in Justin Upton. In this 3-2 win, Cueto struck out 10 in 92 pitches, and the Upton homer was the only hit given up. No walks too. Johnny Cueto is quickly becoming the man, and I knew that he was going to break out. I did not think it would be in his first start against the D-Backs (although they do have a kind of an average offense, so maybe it was plausable). It was much better news than the Bengals cutting Henry, and may actually have Cincinnati fans bubbling about something other than black and orange guys that hang out next door to Great American Ballpark. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone developed by the Reds this good since Mario Soto and Jose Rijo, and I was little. That’s how bad Reds pitching prospects have been (bretttomko lol).

In other news, today is Minor League Opening Day where you see stars like Koyie Hill, Andy Phillips, and Dane Sardinha battle it out…


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One Comment on “Johnny Cuet-OWNED”

  1. Ben McIntyre Says:

    Johnny Cueto is not even close to being “the man”………………this was his first major league start and he performed ver very well BUT; many a prospects have done this. There is a major difference in hitting against a pitcher that you have never seen before and one you have faced multiple times……………….

    If Johnny Cueto can put up the kind of numbers that he did in his first start against teams that will be facing him for the second or third time (A.K.A Later this Year)………I will then dub him “the man”……….

    But for now, the Jury is still out.

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