2008 Payrolls and Jeffrey Loria

The Associated Press released the list of 2008 payrolls for the 30 major league teams yesterday.

The top 5

1. New York Yankees: $209,081,579
2. Detroit Tigers: $138,685,197
3. New York Mets: $138,293,378
4. Boston Red Sox: $133,440,037
5. Chicago White Sox: $121,152,667 (interesting)

    The bottom 3

    28. Oakland Athletics: $ 47,967,126
    29. Tampa Bay Rays: $43,820,598
    30. Florida Marlins: $ 21,836,500

    Jeffrey Loria. Why do you still own the Marlins?

    The Florida Marlins, as usual, have the lowest payroll in the league. The second lowest paid team, the Devil Rays, pay their players more than twice what the Marlins are paying. Alex Rodriguez makes more than the Marlins. The Marlins do have some young guys who aren’t making the big bucks yet, but these salary figures say that they are not even trying to contend for third place. Not only are they the lowest paid team in the league, but their players are below the MLB poverty line. Their highest paid player right now is RP Kevin Gregg, and he isn’t even making the MLB average ($3.15 million). Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria refuses to pay big money for good players. 2B Dan Uggla hit 31 homers last year, and they have one of the best young players in the league in SS Hanley Ramirez. What is Loria going to do when these young studs want their paydays? Trade them for players to be named? Another reason Loria sucks is that he doomed the Expos and he fired Manager of the Year Joe Girardi.

    Say what you will about George Steinbrenner and his sons, but guys like them are great for baseball. Yes they are usually jackasses, but they love to win and will do anything for a World Series. The Yankees are a profitable organization and they pump a lot of their profits back into keeping their team at the top. But to become profitable, you need to give the fans a show worth watching, and that comes with spending money. You need some high-priced veterans to surround your young nucleus. A baseball salary cap? How about the opposite? Let’s get a salary floor so clowns like Jeffrey Loria have to at least make it look like they care about fielding a winning team.

    2008 MLB team payrolls (Foxsports.com)
    A-Rod reels in more than entire Marlins roster (Foxsports.com)

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