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Congratulations to BALCO founder Victor Conte. His probation ended today, March 30, 2008, and he is now promoting his latest scheme, a book entitled, BALCO: The Straight Dope on Barry Bonds, Marion Jones and What We Can Do To Save Sports. The title is a mouthful and definitely needs some work, but he plans on ratting out everyone he was involved with at BALCO. Conte says he will drop some bombshells about the athletes he was involved with, as well as federal agents who worked on the investigation into the company, including one who Conte says fabricated a fake confession. We have been bombarded lately with these cash-strapped “authors” coming out with cliche tell-all books about ugly scandals, and Conte is jumping on this bandwagon. After all, legal fees do add up.

Conte on his literary motives: (ESPN.com)

“It was not long ago when Bug Selig was claiming that baseball didn’t have a drug problem,” Conte said, according to the newspaper. “The world certainly knows now that there has been a rampant use of drugs in sport for decades. The anti-doping programs in place are still inept and this contributes to the use or lose mentality of many athletes. I will continue bring attention to the many loopholes that exist in the testing programs. Hopefully, one day athletes will be able to be clean and play on a level playing field at the same time. I see that I have the potential to make change — I can do that.”

Conte has joined the ranks of some rather sleazy individuals who try to disguise their need for money as some noble expose on an ugly past.

  • Pete Rose sure manned up when he finally admitted to betting on baseball. But he admitted to betting on baseball to sell his book.
  • Jose Canseco is cleaning up baseball by exposing steroids in baseball. But all you did was name names, make up conspiracies, and we know you were broke.

So Victor Conte, don’t give us this cleaning up the game nonsense. We live in a capitalist society and I cannot tell you not to cash in on this. I realize this. But baseball fans are not stupid. There is no nobility in what you are doing. You are going to be naming names, slanging mud around, and rather than putting the Steroid Era in the past, you will be keeping it in the forefront. Being able to profit from a problem you helped facilitate probably feels awesome, but at least be upfront with us and tell us you need money, and you really do not care if sports can ever regain the purity they once possessed. Full disclosure of the evidence of the era is a good thing, but tell it to the authorities and fill Bud in. If Conte sat down with the Feds and maybe Bud Selig, under no pressure of future indictments and no lucrative book deals, he would be truly doing a noble deed and we might owe him a thank you. However, he has made the choice that a profit is more important to him. That is fine, but quit acting like the savior of sport.

I do hope that some good comes out of Conte writing this book though. His intentions may not be what baseball fans want them to be, but if he mentions ways to close loopholes in drug testing, he will have done a little bit of penance for the game he helped soil. I just hope that this book is more than a sequel to Jose Canseco’s series of crap literature, and that Conte provides some solutions, rather than the same old mudslinging. Conte is in a position to do some good for the game and sports in general, or he can set it back like so many, including him, have chosen to do.


And happy Opening Day. Hopefully your team has some success this year, unless they are in the AL Central and are not the Detroit Tigers…just playing.

Report: BALCO founder Conte plans tell-all book on drug world (ESPN.com)

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