St. Louis Cardinals use Disabled List to full advantage


Other teams may have been hit hard by injuries (Granderson, Lidge, Beckett, Kazmir, Kaz Matsui). Not as hard as the Cards though. Today, the St. Louis Cardinals put a record seven players in the disabled list. One by one:

Joel Piniero
Chris Carpenter
Mark Mulder
Juan Encarnacion
Josh Kinney
Matt Clement
Tyler Johnson

And the possibility of outfielder Brendan Ryan as well.

Their starting pitching got hit the hardest, so that means their starting rotation is:

Adam Wainwright
Kyle Lohse
Braden Looper
Anthony Reyes
Brad Thompson/Todd Wellemeyer

Good god, past Rufus Wainwright, that’s a bad rotation. When Kyle Lohse is considered a godsend by the St. Louis media, you got problems. Plus, a guy as good as Carpenter does not deserve an injury. I hope, to keep hopes up, that the Cardinals play Rick Astley every time Rick Ankiel hits a home run.. the opposing team got rickrolled!

Cardinals DL seven, not Ryan (St. Louis Post Dispatcher)

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3 Comments on “St. Louis Cardinals use Disabled List to full advantage”

  1. tommybloggingsports Says:

    Not looking so bad these days, do they. Who would have thought?

  2. Mike Says:

    Yeah really. Did not see this one coming. You could make a pretty good lineup with those guys on that DL but they’re still playing great baseball. It has been a fun April watching some big dogs struggle (ie. Tigers, Indians, Braves under .500) and seeing teams like St. Louis and Florida leading their divisions.

  3. tommybloggingsports Says:

    Yeah, baseball is ALWAYS fun for me. Let’s just see what happens when the Cards start playing the Cubs, Mets…that will be the true test. Heck, after watching them fall to the “Mighty” Pirates last night, I am starting to wonder…just a little though.

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