Make like origami…

And possibly fold like the South Coast League. The CEO of the independent league just announced his resignation and this could foreshadow the league suspending the 2008 season, and threatens the league’s future. The league has a history of screwing things up such as paying employees, vendors, water and power bills, and only having four active teams this season. On top of this, the league was pressured by public outcry to cancel Eliot Spitzer Night in June. It is disappointing seeing any baseball league have to suspend operations so let’s hope that the SCL can turn the water back on at Luther Williams Field.

An independent baseball league running into trouble? This seems to be a common trend in these leagues. It would seem that instead of having 10 or so leagues where only the Frontier League, Northern League, and Atlantic League, gain any real recognition (unless you include the Golden Baseball League signing Jose Canseco neat), some mergers could take place to form independent leagues with increased stability that could act as much more effective catapults for players to reach Minor League Baseball and perhaps the Major Leagues one day. In 1996, The Northern League was Strawberry’s avenue back to MLB following his cocaine rehabilitation.

There have been a lot of upstart leagues lately and the odds do not seem to favor their success at all. The South Coast League was founded in 2007 and already in 2008, the league is in jeopardy. Strength in numbers would seem to be the key here. By unifying the leagues like a heavyweight belt, we would get fewer, more credible leagues, as opposed to the current system of many leagues no one has heard of. Independent league baseball is a good thing for baseball and should be preserved through smarter executive decisions.

South Coast League CEO resigns, season could be in jeopardy (

UPDATE (3.29.08): The South Coast League suspends operations.

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