The Next Dice-K/Flushing Out Japan’s Talent Pool

Hope y’all had a happy Easter and enjoyed eating chocolate Jesuses.


There is a new Japanese baseball player out there considered the “next Dice-K,” and his name is Yu Darvish. He is a 21-year old pitcher and he plays for the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters (that’s more of a mouthful than Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim). He is really skinny, grows his hair out, is half Iranian, and he has even posed nude (take that Tsuyoshi Shinjo). Perfect for American baseball. The question is, are we flushing out Japanese Baseball for our own product and being selfish? Then again, he is one of the most talented players Japan has ever had and deserves a chance to play against the top players of the MLB. Are we becoming the “Premier League” of baseball (like in soccer) of sorts? I think that’s a better definition for it rather than flushing out the most talented players from Japan. It might not be fair to Japanese baseball fans in Japan though, as we are taking their players. Who knows, it is an interesting debate. I also see the FIFA-like attitude in the initiation of the World Baseball Classic. I actually like the idea come to think of it. The timing was bad, sure, and there is an injury risk, but who knows. It is an interesting debate.

Then again, I’d like to see top cricket players try baseball. I mean, the game was influenced by the game of cricket. Who knows. I’m weird.

Could the MLB become a Premier League of sorts for baseball one day?

Iconic ace Darvish pushes Japan’s boundaries (Yahoo Sports)

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