Carlos Gomez suffering from Lake Wobegon effect


Lake Wobegon is in Minnesota, and Carlos Gomez plays for the Minnesota Twins. Maybe it will be the 21-year old prospect’s offseason home. Coincedence?

Well, here is Gomez trying to prove he’s the fastest man in baseball and stuff. The Lake Wobegon effect, as stated in Wikipedia, is the tendency to overstate one’s achivements, and I am pretty sure Gomez is suffering. Here is what Gomez is probably thinking right now:

Jose Reyes? Slower than a garbage truck in the snow.
Juan Pierre? Makes the most outs in baseball and he sucks anyways.
Hanley Ramirez? I’ve never heard of the Florida Marlins so he might be fictional. Same with Carl Crawford, he plays for the Marlins too, right?
Brian Roberts? On HGH and every other drug possible.
Eric Byrnes? White.

Fastest man in baseball? Pointless argument. Here’s another pointless argument: At least he’ll probably have an OPS better than Jack Wilson. He did steal 64 bases in A-Ball though. To be fair, he might be a great base stealer in his future. Determination is always good on a team, right?

Fastest in baseball? Minnesota Twins prospect Carlos Gomez believes he is, and he is ready to prove it (

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